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Friday May 22, 2020

Abu Ahmad Fouad: Ayatollah Khamenei has drawn a road map for the liberation of Palestine

The World – Palestine

On Friday, via Ahmad al-Mayadeen, Abu Ahmad Fouad affirmed that the leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran has drawn a road map for liberation through resistance, and this is our choice.

And he continued, “The official Arab system, for the most part, is linked to the United States of America and it owes it to stay,” noting that US President Donald Trump “blackmails most Arab regimes.”

Regarding the Arab regimes rushing to normalize with “Israel”, he said that “the Arab people reject the normalization and the regimes are what they are seeking,” the last of which is “an Emirati plane landing in an Israeli airport under the pretext of helping the Palestinians.”

Abu Ahmed Fouad called for withdrawing recognition of “Israel” and withdrawing from the Oslo agreement, explaining that the dispute with the Palestinian Authority “stems from our rejection of the Oslo agreement, which we consider harmful to the interests of our people.”“.

He stressed that the front “agrees to any step to withdraw from Oslo, and we ask why we do not begin to withdraw recognition of Israel”?

He said, “What is required is to unite efforts and form a unified national leadership in the West Bank to lead the efforts in light of the possibilities of annexation,” warning that someone falls into a cycle of despair or frustration, because “resistance and liberation is an ongoing project, generation after generation.”

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