Abqaiq Governorate

Abqaiq Governorate is one of the Arab governorates located in the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is administratively affiliated to the Eastern Region. Its coordinates are limited to latitudes 25-56 degrees to the north, and longitudes 49-41 degrees to the east, and it is located 75 kilometers away. From the southern part of the city of Dammam. Its total area is 320 square kilometers, while its population exceeds 26.5 thousand.


The main reason behind naming the city by this name is due to the presence of an area in the northern part of it known as (Baqqa) now, and this area is characterized by the presence of a water spring; Its water does not stop, and for this reason it was called Abqaiq. In another account, an American official came from one of the companies responsible for planning the city, and at the time asked about the name of the governorate, and a group of Arabs answered him that it was bugs, and Abqaiq as well.


The governorate depends on many factors in its economy; It depends primarily on oil; This is due to the presence of the largest oil fields in the world on its lands, and this well produced in its beginning approximately 9,720 barrels per day, and this matter raised the importance of the city in various aspects of life, and it also contains other fields such as: Ghawar, Shaibu, and Safani.


In Abqaiq Governorate, there are many services that have saved the people a lot of trouble in various aspects; It has a railway station that connects to the governorates of Dammam, Riyadh, and Al-Ahsa, which facilitated the transportation process between the vital cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also has a government hospital with more than thirty beds, in addition to three government health centers, and two health centers. private.

Abqaiq Governorate has achieved a great renaissance in the field of education; By building many schools for different educational levels: primary, intermediate, and secondary, in addition to the presence of a center specialized in the educational supervision process, and a library containing thousands of literary and scientific books.

Popular markets

There are many popular markets that express the originality and heritage of the city; Where the Abumiya market is one of the most prominent of these markets, which is characterized by containing a lot of low-priced products, as it is known for the presence of the Friday market, and was named by this name; Because it opens after the Friday prayer (noon), and continues until the next day, which is the Sabbath, and what distinguishes it is that it combines the past and the present in its alleys. In Abqaiq, there are also modern markets in large malls, and many commercial markets.

Abqaiq Governorate

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