Aboard the MS Thomas Hardy: Cruising the Blue Danube

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H2: Exploring Budapest

The article describes the author’s experience aboard the MS Thomas Hardy on a Danube River cruise. The author arrived in Budapest and checked into the Plaza Hotel, which overlooks the Danube and has views of the Gothic Hungarian Parliament. They had dinner at the Leo rooftop restaurant, known for its panoramic views of the city.

H2: Aboard the MS Thomas Hardy

The MS Thomas Hardy is a five-star river cruise ship with modern amenities and luxurious accommodations. The author’s cabin was spacious and comfortable, with a balcony overlooking the river. The ship has a restaurant, bar, lounge, and fitness center. The onboard staff provided excellent service and made the author’s cruise experience enjoyable.

H3: Itinerary and Excursions

The Danube River cruise offered a variety of excursions and activities, including tours of historic cities like Vienna and Bratislava, wine tastings, and visits to picturesque villages. The author enjoyed exploring each destination and learning about their unique cultures and histories. They also participated in onboard activities like cooking classes and live music performances.

H3: Relaxation and Amenities

The Danube River cruise provided ample opportunities for relaxation and pampering. The ship has a spa offering massages and other treatments, and the author enjoyed spending time in the sun deck pool and hot tub. The onboard restaurant served delicious meals with local and international cuisine options.

H4: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average cost of a Danube River cruise on the MS Thomas Hardy?
The cost of a Danube River cruise on the MS Thomas Hardy varies depending on the duration of the cruise, the time of year, and the cabin type. Prices typically range from $3,000 to $8,000 per person.

2. What is the dress code for the onboard restaurant?
The dress code for the onboard restaurant is casual elegant. Guests are recommended to wear comfortable yet stylish attire.

3. Are shore excursions included in the cruise price?
Some shore excursions may be included in the cruise price, while others may require additional fees. Guests can refer to the cruise itinerary for more information.

4. Is Wi-Fi available on the ship?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available on the ship, but coverage may be limited in certain areas.

5. What is the tipping policy for the onboard staff?
Tipping is discretionary but appreciated for the onboard staff. Guests can refer to the cruise information packet for suggested tipping amounts.