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Saturday August 15, 2020

Abdul Salam: The United Nations is losing humanly and politically in Yemen

The World – Yemen

Abd al-Salam asked Guterres to keep silent and said in a tweet on his Twitter page last week, “Whoever raises Saudi Arabia from the list of child killers has absolutely no right to speak in the name of humanity.”

The tweet of the chief political negotiator in Sanaa came in response to the UN allegations and the allegations of the coalition of aggression against Yemen about the Safir Reservoir – and by the way, recently, the Yemenis are no longer able to differentiate between them, regarding the Safir Reservoir and several controversial files recently.

The head of the national negotiating delegation confirmed that the coalition is not in the position of the plaintiff in the Safer reservoir case, but rather is in the position of the accused and the maker of the disaster if it occurred 6 years ago, as well as the United Nations, which also remained silent for 6 years about preventing the coalition from supplying the floating tank with fuel for its operation and maintenance, and leaving it to deteriorate its situation. .

Abd al-Salam in his tweet re-corrected the course of the Safer case and put the points on the letters: “A Safer ship was denied fuel to operate it since the start of the aggression, and with our constant demands for its evaluation and repair, it is met with indifference and rejection, because whoever imposes a war of extermination on an entire people and imposes the most severe siege on it does not care about the fate of A ship, and whoever removes child killers from the list of shame has no right to speak in the name of humanity. “

Incidentally, the tweet of the head of the national delegation comes in conjunction with the second anniversary of the Dhahyan students’ massacre, which the world is upset with, and the United Nations coordinator in Sanaa, Lisa Grande, shed tears during her visit to Saada hospitals to find out the horror of the massacre. At the time, she demanded and supported an honest and transparent investigation into the crime, but it did not It comes despite the passage of two years since the heinous crime in which more than 40 children, the oldest of whom were twelve years old, were killed while they were on a school trip.

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It seems that Guterres, who is keen on loving Riyadh and did not miss its comic conference in support of Yemen recently, entrusted the task of investigating it to the criminal who came out with a comic conclusion that there was a target nearby, taking advantage of the world that knows that the bombing took place in the middle of a crowded market and not in a camp or near a military site. Children claimed to cancel the attack so do honorable fighting.

Despite this crime and dozens of similar crimes in which thousands of Yemeni children fell, so that the number of civilian martyrs and wounded reached about one hundred thousand, according to estimates by civil society organizations, the United Nations and its Secretary-General proceeded to remove Saudi Arabia from the list of shame for child killers, taking advantage of the world’s preoccupation with the Corona crisis, but international organizations I became aware of this resounding international scandal and the rudeness that characterized the act of its current Secretary General, who did not refrain from participating in comic plays to whiten the face of Saudi Arabia, the latest of which is the Riyadh Conference.

According to the annual United Nations report on children and armed conflict issued last June, the Saudi-led coalition is responsible for the killing of 222 Yemeni children and launched 4 raids on schools and hospitals in Yemen in 2019 AD, however, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres removed the name of Saudi Arabia from the list of shame. Which includes parties responsible for grave violations against children.

“The UN Secretary-General has brought shame on the United Nations by removing the Saudi-led coalition from its list of shame, even as the coalition continues to kill and injure children in Yemen,” said Joe Baker, advocacy director in the Children’s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch.

Baker added, “Ban Ki-moon, the former Secretary-General, removed the Saudi forces from his list for the year 2016, under pressure from the Saudi government, but it is to be counted that he openly criticized the Saudi blackmail of the United Nations by threatening to stop funding the United Nations programs for Palestinian refugees and others.

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Human Rights Watch confirmed that Guterres’ approach contradicts the call he made at the beginning of the year 2020 AD regarding respect for humanitarian law and human rights law, but his decision to remove countries from the list and overlook others responsible for committing serious violations against children raises questions about his commitment to publicly holding states accountable for these. Violations.

The organization added that “the current Secretary-General of the United Nations continues to flirt with powerful states, and continues to ignore repeated calls to issue a list of” shame “based on evidence and accurately reflects the evidence possessed by the United Nations.”

The Beirut explosion came to add more burning fire to the issue of the Safer reservoir, which contains about 1.4 million barrels of crude oil. Experts estimate that the floating Safer reservoir, if it exploded, would disrupt the ports of Yemen and Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea, instead of its Saudi marine and environmental impacts and hinder Saudi Arabia. Significant limit the movement of ships off the Yemeni and Saudi coasts.

European delegations had previously visited Sana’a to discuss the Safir reservoir, which later appeared to be linked to the mission of Envoy Martin Griffiths.

Sanaa adheres to the entry of an intermediary party to carry out the evaluation process for Safer and on its light the maintenance operations are carried out, and in this context there are intersecting information in Sanaa and clearer intentions of the coalition about igniting the battle of the West Coast and violating the Sweden agreement, and the survival of the Safir Reservoir with the oil it carries may fail the military operation that he is planning It has the alliance, and the United Nations is intended to play a role by removing this threat under the cover of humanitarian only, which is consistent with what the head of the national delegation, Muhammad Abdel Salam, said about the reason for the joint and sudden interest of the United Nations and the coalition in the issue of the Safir Reservoir.

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Today, the chief Yemeni negotiator criticized the United Nations, and about two weeks before it, the President of the Supreme Council for the Coordination of Aid and International Cooperation, Abdel Mohsen Al-Tawoos, Secretary-General of the United Nations and the United Nations Organization, had revealed in a joint conference with the Ministry of Health about the withdrawal of international organizations from their humanitarian duties in order to pressure Sana’a in conjunction with The coalition’s detention of oil derivatives ships for more than 4 months, clearly indicates that the United Nations is losing humanitarian and political in Yemen.

Abdul Salam’s harsh criticism of Guterres, less than two weeks after a press interview in which he criticized his envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths, does not require much analysis that the deviation of Griffiths from his mission is part of the total deviation of the international system from its tasks in Yemen politically in peacemaking and humanitarian relief for the besieged Yemeni people without conditions And political dictates imposed by the aggression coalition.

Indications are clear in the direction of a complete divorce between Sanaa and the United Nations, which is keen to obtain Saudi money just as Trump does, with the difference that the latter takes it and insults its king, while Guterres and his organization insult the United Nations in honor of Riyadh.

Whatever the difficulty of the situation that Yemen accepts in light of the blockade, and the withdrawal of the United Nations began by reducing the aid programs in succession to about 80%, the United Nations under the trust of Guterres has lost its reputation and ‘humanity’ in Yemen, and it is not known in the future the extent of its survival or confidence in it again from It is not unlikely that their fate will be the same as the League of Nations.

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