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Abdul Rahman Alimat (born June 4, 1997 in Zarqa Governorate) is a prominent figure in voluntary and social work in Jordan.

He succeeded in the elections of the boards of the Haqiq initiative – one of the initiatives of the Crown Prince Foundation in 2018, and served as the media coordinator for the initiative in Zarqa Governorate.

He represented Jordan in the cultural exchange program aimed at learning about Chinese culture and language, which was held at Shenyang University in China.

He represented Jordan in the second Arab session to inform youth of proximity, which was organized by the Technical Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of Youth and Sports of the League of Arab States in coordination with the Tunisian Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs in Tunisia.[1]

Presented a workshop on innovative and sustainable solutions to environmental challenges in the presence of Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, Crown Prince of Zarqa Governorate.[2]

Coach for leadership, influence, social media and mobile journalism.

Member of a public body in the Jordanian Al-Faisali Club.

He participated in the Parliamentary Fellowship Program, the Centenary Trail Program, the Anti-Extremist Ideology Program at the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, and the “Haqiq” and UNICEF Program, which were implemented in partnership between the “Alexander Bodini Award” of UNICEF, and the “Haqiq” initiative of the Crown Prince Foundation. He met with His Majesty King Abdullah II and HRH Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II during several official occasions.

He works in the Ministry of Youth and writes articles on youth issues, political empowerment, social activism, and national issues on a number of platforms, most notably Al-Rai newspaper and Ammon website.

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