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Saturday May 23, 2020

A young man breaks a fight with a hand grenade in Sweida

The World – Syria

A medical source said that 5 of the injured arrived at the National Hospital during the evening hours, including Mu’in Saleh Al-Aflaq, Haider Haseem Gharz Al-Din, Ahmed Abdullah Azi, Mhabhab Adel Muayyem and Hadi Hussam Badria, explaining that one of them was seriously injured, and the rest of their injuries were mixed.

A local source told Al-Suwaida 24 that the five injured live in the Al-Galaa neighborhood of the city of As-Suwayda, and they were gathered after an unknown dispute broke out in front of one of the houses, where one of the parties to the dispute threw a grenade at them from the balcony of his house.

The source pointed out that the bomb exploded among the five young men, and there have been gunfire from some of the relatives of the injured after the explosion, causing you injuries, pointing out that the person who opened the bomb fled, while the injured families were taken to the hospital.

In the town of Al-Majdal in the western countryside of As-Suwayda, a local source told Al-Suwaida 24 that heavy bursts were heard in the evening hours, explaining that it came from a party held by a group of people, and they opened fire with air.

As for the city of Salkhad, in the south of the governorate, an explosion was heard in some neighborhoods of the city, information was conflicting about it, as local sources reported that it was caused by a tire explosion, without any injuries or security incident in the city today, except for the police arrest of two persons accused of criminal cases .

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It is noteworthy that random shooting incidents are repeated daily in the endosperm governorate, sometimes at parties and parties, and sometimes as a result of differences and personal problems, knowing that indiscriminate shooting is one of the serious factors that cause fires in agricultural lands.

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