Hair thickening and lengthening

Long and thick hair gives women’s hair attractiveness, beauty and super femininity, so the hair should not be neglected and it must be taken care of with special care to keep it healthy, shiny and free from problems. However, natural products remain the best to use because they are free of chemicals harmful to the hair follicle, so through the article we will present the best natural recipes that help intensify and lengthen hair in an easy and safe way and without any side effects that they leave on the hair or scalp.

Ways to intensify and lengthen hair

Dates kernel and natural oils

Prepare by mixing two cups of date kernel with two cups of walnuts or walnuts in a bowl, then burn the mixture on the fire and grind finely, then knead the mixture with a small amount of rose fat until we have a mixture that looks like an ointment, then mix a tablespoon of ground fenugreek, and the juice of two cloves of Garlic, onion juice, a cup of watercress juice, stir the mixture, then add to it a large box of coconut oil with a large box of the desired hair oil and a large box of myrtle oil, and the mixture is placed in a large bottle, then add two cloves of chopped garlic, and a chopped onion, Shake the box well, leave it for a whole night, then massage the scalp and hair with the fingertips, cover the hair with a plastic hat and leave it on the hair for a period of two to eight hours, then wash it with lukewarm water and shampoo and it is preferable to repeat the recipe daily for effective and fast results.

Mustard and olive oil

Mix an appropriate amount of ground mustard with a little water until we have a dough, then add an egg and a few drops of olive oil, and stir the ingredients together until a spreadable mixture is formed, then distribute the mixture on the hair from roots to ends, then leave for half an hour. Then wash well.

Honey, eggs and olive oil

Add a teaspoon of natural honey, a teaspoon of olive oil and an egg white in a bowl, then mix the ingredients together until we have a paste, then put it on the hair and leave it for a third of an hour, then wash it with cold water and shampoo, and it is preferable to repeat the recipe three times a week regularly to get hair Long, dense and shiny.

Indian gooseberry

It can be used in the form of a powder or juice. Mix Indian gooseberry powder or juice with an appropriate amount of lemon juice, then put the mixture on the scalp, massage in circular motions, leave for an hour, and then wash with warm water.

Note: These recipes may not be suitable for some hair types, so it is best to consult a professional before use.

A way to intensify and lengthen hair

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