A type of animal that rubs its ears through its nose , It is the only animal that is able to do this, as this animal has a distinctive nose that enables it to drink large amounts of water through it, and it also has huge ears, and it is considered one of the largest animals on the surface of the earth, and through the VistaBuzz, the most important information about a type of animal will be explained He rubs his ear through his nose.

A type of animal that rubs its ears through its nose

A type of animal that rubs its ears through its nose is the elephantThe elephant is the largest animal that lives on the surface of the land, and it is one of the mammals. The elephant is characterized by its huge and very high body, its very huge head and the two large ears that are located on both sides of the head. Within tropical forests and grassy areas such as savannah areas, it can also live in dry desert areas, stagnant waters of swamps and tropical high mountain areas in Africa and Asia.[1]

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Information about elephant species

There is a set of important information and facts about the elephant animal, such as:[1]

  • The savanna elephant is a very large animal. The savanna elephant weighs about 9 tons and is four meters long.
  • The African elephant is smaller in size than the savannah and its existence was newly discovered at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
  • All species of elephants have slender tusks on the sides of the mouth, pointing downward.
  • The Asian elephant is larger than the African elephant but smaller than the savanna elephant, weighing about 6 tons.
  • There are extinct species of elephants, such as the mammoth elephant.

elephant trunk

The hose is one of the most important organs in the elephant, and the hose consists of the upper lip of the elephant and the nose as well, and the nostrils are located on both sides, and it is a strong and huge muscle, weighing about 130 kg, and the elephant through its hose can carry a weight of up to 250 kg, The elephant’s trunk is a very sensitive part, rich in sensory cells, nourished by two main nerves extending from the head, and it also consists of a very large number of muscles, amounting to about 16 muscles.[1]

In the end, it was recognized A type of animal that rubs its ears through its nose, The answer turned out to be the elephant, and the most important information about the elephant, which is one of the very large mammals characterized by the presence of a strong and large proboscis, has been identified, and the types of elephants have been identified.

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