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A traffic accident with Zidan turns into a funny situation

Coach Zinedine Zidane was exposed to a funny situation in Valdebebas, while he was heading to the Real Madrid training center, where he rammed a car from behind, and was surprised by the strange compensation that the driver requested, and it is represented only by selfies.

The Spanish sports newspaper, Marca, reported that the incident took place last Saturday, February 8-2020. Where the director of a furniture exhibition in Madrid, Mr. Ignacio Fernandez, collided with his car from behind, while trying to clear the way for a driver in the Valdepass region.

According to Fernandez, who spoke about the details of the accident, the driver of the car coming from behind was driving at a crazy speed, and he was not aware of my attempt to get away from the road, which required him to reduce his speed, which led to the collision.

Unusually, however, the situation did not permeate the anger and tension, but Fernandez got out of his car to see the extent of the damage, and to speak with the driver of the car that hit him, who was wearing a hat that concealed part of his face.

And here the surprise happened, as the driver was the coach Zidane El-Din Zidan, which made Fernandez very happy. Fernandez began chatting with Zidane, and expressed his wish to meet him in the best of these circumstances.

Despite the accident, Fernandez did not see the circumstance in which Zidane met badly.


But Zidane, in turn, apologized for the collision, and provided a convincing reason for his extreme speed, which is that he wants not to be late for Real Madrid’s training date.

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This prompted Fernandez to accept the justification with a large chest, and offered Zidane to continue on his way to the Meringue Training Center, and for Fernandez to wait for the police to arrive, to send him the examination papers of the accident at a later time, so Zidane thanked him and left.

However, the driver, Fernandez, asked Zidane to visualize with him a selfie to perpetuate this historical situation, and for another reason, his friends, family, and even police officers would not believe that Zidane had shocked him.

It was only that Zidane agreed to Fernandez’s request and conceived with him, and he was very kind, until he took off his hat and stood next to Fernandez in preparation for the photo.

After this photo, Fernandez turned into a celebrity, and later a representative of the French coach called him and informed him of Zidane’s gratitude for his position. And that he did not cause him to stop training the team by asking him for free tickets for Madrid matches, or his request for the team jersey as most people do when they meet him.

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