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Saturday May 23, 2020

A study confirms effectiveness of “remdisever” in accelerating recovery from corona

More than three weeks after a senior US scientific official announced that experimental “remdisifer” drug speeds recovery of Covid19 patients, detailed results of study were published Friday in an important medical journal.

Anthony Fawcci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who oversaw clinical trial of 1,000 patients in ten countries, announced on April 29th in White House that preliminary data showed that “remediesever have a clear, important and positive impact in accelerating recovery.”

Accelerate recovery

After confirming a reading committee, New England Journal of Medicine published an article detailing results confirming White House announcement that had sent hope to world in absence of any effective treatment against emerging coronavirus.

The study showed that remedivifer drug, by injecting it daily into veins over a period of 10 days, accelerated recovery of Covid19 patients receiving hospital treatment, compared to a placebo. The average number of days required to recover was 11 days for patients who were injected with “remdisever” compared to 15 for ors. The patient was considered recovered if it was possible to bring him home.

The effect was greater for patients who were hospitalized without need for a respirator. The authors of study concluded that it is advisable to start treatment with “remdisever” before disease progresses in body to extent that it becomes necessary to use a respirator.

This antiviral, previously developed to fight Ebola without positive results, had fewer side effects than placebo.

Reduces risk of death

The study also showed that “Remediesiver” reduced death rate, as 7.1% of patients who received this drug died within 14 days, compared to 11.9% in group whose members were given a placebo. However, this result remains below minimum required for statistical reliability and refore this difference can be attributed to chance factor.

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In any case, Remsdevir does not give any guarantee of survival, according to study authors who said that “it is clear that an antiviral treatment will not inevitably be sufficient on its own.”

Combining antiviral treatments

There is no doubt that basis for development of an anticovid19 treatment is undoubtedly based on combination of different treatments, that is, use of “remdisever” with antivirals or or types of treatment.

The Gilead laboratories developed for Remedisfer on Friday indicated that results of ir own clinical trials would be published soon. One of m shows that a fiveday treatment instead of ten would also be effective, according to General Manager of Gilead Sciences, Mardad Parsi.

In United States, US Medicines Agency (FDA) authorized on first of this month use of “Remisdivir” during hospital emergency. Japan followed suit in this regard, while Europe is still considering making such a decision.

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