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Friday March 27, 2020

A study confirms discovery of two new types of corona

The secrets hidden by Corona pandemic are still being revealed day after day, especially since biologists are trying to identify details of new virus.
Among ongoing studies on SARSCoV2 virus, which caused current Corona pandemic, is an attempt to identify main source of it, how virus managed to reach humans, and what was motive that led to its mutation and transmission from animal to humans.

But in midst of that research, specialists found two new types of Corona virus, very close to composition of current virus circulating in world that infected more than 460,000 people and led to nearly 21,000 deaths.

According to a study published yesterday Nature Scientific research specialist, that finding of two new types of corona virus that occurred in a shipment of “cinnamon” animals, known as Bengali anteater, or “Pangolin”, were smuggled into China.

Although study found that researchers are still very far from asserting that “Pangulin” animal is primary source of current pandemic, high level of similarity between SARSCoV2 and newly discovered viruses undoubtedly confirms that markets Today’s trade in Pangolin is time bombs that must be moved quickly in order to disable m.

After current outbreak of Corona, wet markets in China’s Hubei Province were identified as point of spread of virus, and since n attempts have been made to identify way virus has reached places densely populated away from forests and bushes.

The video clips published online showed that se wet markets contain many live animals that are sold in order to eat or use cosmetic materials or sexual enhancers, and most of se animals are caught from Asian rainforests, and of course, “Pangolin” was not a stranger to those markets .

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The Science Alert website bulletin confirms that pangolin, in addition to a number of endangered mammals, is sold in se markets as a delicacy of luxury and / or a healthy stimulant, and thus official and informal wet markets are spread throughout country.

Among those markets, “Pangolin” animals that were acquired by customs authorities between 2017 and beginning of 2019 were studied, in which y found various virus genes from Corona family.

The study published in “Nichter” confirms that two of newly discovered coronaviruses resemble up to 92.4% SARSCoV2 killer virus that is currently spreading around world.

Accordingly, experts believe that se discoveries should serve as a warning bell to move to implement law and prevent legal and illegal trafficking in animals suspected of being a catalyst in transmission of diseases and epidemics.

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