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Tuesday November 24, 2020

A scientist reveals a mechanism to prevent the Corona virus from invading human cells

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The scientist Alexander Tishkovsky noted in his description of the mechanism by which it is possible to prevent the entry of the Corona virus into the human cell, he indicated that the ACE2 protein is one of the weaknesses of the human body, because the Corona virus enters the cell through it, however, this protein can be used to confront Corona after its conversion To a point of strength by introducing more copies of ACE2 into a patient’s human blood.

The Russian scientist added that the result confirmed that the receptors bind and restrict the spines of the Corona virus and prevent them from invading cells.

The researcher, a pioneer at the Institute of Clinical Experimental Medicine of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the former head of the Laboratory for Particularly Serious Infection “Victor”, Alexander Chiburnov, said in an interview with that such a method could theoretically neutralize the Corna virus.

According to him, similar examples are known in virology, indicating that in this way the virus receptor can be blocked. Chipornov thinks the proteins will make a good taste for Coronavirus, so this idea is worth testing. The virologist said, this method cannot be used as a vaccine, but as a possible medicine. In addition, the cost of such a drug is a separate issue.

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