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Friday February 14, 2020

A row between two mice on London’s London berth gets the best annual animal picture award!

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In a rare snapshot captured by the lens of British photographer Sam Rullie, a spat between two mice sprang up over crumbs of bread. The photo taken on one of the empty berths of the London Underground on Wednesday, February 12, won the award of the year for “People’s Choice in the Animal Photography Competition”.

In an event that he organizes every year Natural History Museum in the British capital The most valuable prize for the Animal Photography Contest, known as the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”, was held by a young British photographer, Sam Rulley, snatching first place.

The public chose Rolly’s photography as the best animal picture for 2019. Rowley’s innovative and persistent method of work came to fruition, siphoning off a picture titled “Station Brawl”, showing two mice fighting over breadcrumbs.

PSam RowleyThe son of Bristol, which is in the southeast of Britain, and passionate about the life of underground rodents, he spent about a whole week wandering between subway tunnels in London so he managed to capture this moment that lasted only a split second.

“Station Brawl”

With the camera in his hand, Sam remained lying on the platform of a metro station, waiting for the little mice to surreptitiously pile off the leftovers from the passengers, according to what she said. French CNN News About the photographer through its website.

This image “provided a fascinating insight into the approach to wildlife work in a human-dominated environment. The behavior of these mice is shaped by our habits and the transportation we are transporting, and the food we receive …”, said Michel Dixon, director of the Natural History Museum in London. For the BBC BBC.

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