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Thursday December 31, 2020

A revolutionary vehicle that turns into 10 types of cars

Electric Brands has unveiled eBussy, an electric vehicle that can come in various shapes, including a bus, van, and pickup truck, using modular accessories.

And according to the German-based company’s website, eBussy’s design is all about the principle of LEGO cutting, using a series of body accessories to create a utility vehicle.

The vehicle comes in one of two body options, one is standard and the other is off-road, and customers can choose one of the ten body styles that best suit their needs, whether it is a van, dump truck, minivan or bus.

And the vehicle’s four-wheel drive engine is powered by two battery compartments, and each car comes with 88 sets of removable lithium-ion batteries, which provide power of 10 kWh, and the package can be upgraded to 24 batteries that then provide 30 kWh. According to the American Business Insider newspaper.

Solar panels and electric motors equipped with an energy recovery system give a range of 124 miles per day with a package of 8 batteries.

The range can then be extended without charging but with full batteries and solar panels to more than 373 miles per day using a 24-battery pack.

The company says eBussy can achieve a maximum range of 497 miles, however, the range estimate drops if the car is carrying a heavy load.

The vehicle’s platform can reach 56 mph and has around 738 pounds of torque.
It measures 12 feet in length, 5.4 feet, and between 6.2 and 6.7 feet.

There are 10 variants of the vehicle, and this includes the “bus”, which contains both rear cabin and trunk units, and fetched $ 23,080 with the standard chassis, or $ 25,436 with an off-road chassis.

There’s also an option for a dump truck with a mid-unit that can flip back, platform and side panels, and it’s $ 26,260 for a standard chassis, or $ 28,616 for an off-road chassis.

The vehicle can also convert to chassis and many variants of pickup trucks, including one with a convertible roof.

However, the chassis option that differs greatly from the other nine units is the wagon, which is the vehicle entry into the camper van segment.

The cart comes with a refrigerator, TV, seating area that can be converted into a bed, fresh water tank and sink.

And this camper van is priced at 33,946 for both the standard and off-road chassis.

Depending on the unit used, the car has a load volume of 187 square feet.

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