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Saturday October 17, 2020

A racist term deleted … a Tunisian judicial decision described as historic!

The World – Tunisia

The head of the Tunisian “Manamati” association, which is active in the field of combating racism, Saadia Mesbah, said that the Court of First Instance in Medenine, southeastern Tunisia, issued a decision on October 14th to delete the word “old” from the title of an 81-year-old man, Aseel Jazirah Experience.

Under the ruling, the man’s name changed from “Hamdan Ateeq Daly” to “Hamdan Daly”, after he submitted a request to delete the word “ateeq”.

The president of the association called on the Tunisian Ministry of Education to find solutions to consolidate the principle of coexistence and respect for the other, regardless of the differences between individuals, by integrating human rights in the educational curricula in Tunisia starting from the preparatory stages, noting that Tunisians have not completely disposed of the residues of slavery, and will not They can get rid of it because they haven’t learned human rights, she says.

Saadia Mesbah also confirmed that the Tunisian jurisprudence of the judiciary allows all those wishing to delete titles or names that symbolize slavery, pointing to the possibility of seeking help from the “Manamati” association.

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