A prayer for the forgiveness of sins

In the Noble Qur’an, God Almighty says: (Our Lord, forgive us our sins and atone for our sins).[1] And in the Sunnah of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he said: (Shall I not guide you to the master of seeking forgiveness? Oh God, you are my Lord, there is no god but You, You created me, and I am Your servant, and I abide by Your covenant and promise as much as I am able, I seek refuge in You from the evil of your evil, for your evil and what I have done. For my sins, so forgive me my sins, for no one forgives sins except You, and no one says them when it becomes evening, so fate comes upon him before dawn except that Paradise will be obligatory for him, and he does not say it when it comes to him, then it will be poured upon him.)[2]

Definition of forgiveness

Forgiveness linguistically is the source of the verb to forgive, and the forgiveness of sins is to transcend them, and it is said that he forgives his sins, meaning he forgives him, covers him, and pardons him.[3] Technically, forgiveness is God Almighty’s protection of the servant from the torment touching him, and forgiveness is to cover up the guilt and cover it through pardoning it, and this requires that the punishment be abolished, the collection of reward, and the covering of the guilt, and the servant also conceals the scandal and shame that the guilt brings, and forgiveness is from the Lord for the servant And you shall also be from the slave to his brother.[4]

Reasons for forgiveness

Among them:[5]

  • Unity of God Almighty, and abandon polytheism.
  • Forgiveness of sins.
  • God’s piety.
  • Invocation to God with supplication, with the hope of the servant answering.
  • Follow the guidance of the Prophet, peace be upon him.
  • Giving and spending in the cause of God, in prosperity and adversity, good and bad.
  • Pardon at the ability, and suppress anger.
  • Patience, good deeds.
  • Perform ablution, perform ablution, recite dhikr after it, and pray two rak’ahs after it.
  • The call to prayer, repeating it, answering the muezzin, walking to prayer in the mosque, attending gatherings and groups, remembrance after prayers, Duha prayer, and remembrance after morning prayer.
  • Qiyaam al-layl, including his rising in the month of Ramadan, especially the Night of Power.

Other reasons for forgiveness of sins

The first of these is Islam, then migration for the sake of God, which is known as the Muslim’s moving from the abode of infidelity to the abode of Islam, the accepted Hajj, and the agreement of the servant’s saying (God hears those who praise him) the angels’ saying of that, just as the Muslim’s wiping of both the Black Stone and the Yemeni Corner is a reason for forgiveness Sins, the gathering of Muslims in remembrance of God, and the disease that afflicts a Muslim, just as the punishment for a sin is repelled by repentance, the supplication of brothers, good righteous deeds, seeking forgiveness, testing, the intercession of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, the embrace of the grave, affliction with the horrors and trials of the Day of Resurrection, and the defense of the Muslim And defend him on behalf of his Muslim brother, and patience over the death of the boy, and finally, the mercy of God Almighty.[6]

the reviewer

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A prayer for the forgiveness of sins

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