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Friday November 27, 2020

A new step from “Twitter” early next year .. What is it?

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Site detectionTwitterRecently, it will re-launch the process of “verifying accounts” at the beginning of next year.

However, the site announced completely new guidelines for users looking for the little blue tick next to their account name, which means that they have become “trusted”.

Twitter’s announcement confirms a previous report published last June from application researcher Jin Manchun Wong, who said at the time that the company was creating a new authentication system.

In a post on its blog, the company confirmed that this new system will be introduced in early 2021, and has now requested comments on a draft proposal for the documentation process.

If no changes are made to this proposal, the accounts that will be eligible for verification will include government accounts, companies, brands, non-profits, news, entertainment and sports media, activists, organizers, as well as what Twitter calls “other influential individuals.”

A draft of the new “Twitter” policy can be viewed through its link, noting that the company plans to issue the final policy on December 17th.

In the meantime, the company “Twitter” revealed a new draft related to the rules that clarify when the authentication badge can be withdrawn. If a user who had obtained the authentication badge changed his name displayed on the site, or a profile of it to mislead users about their true identity, the site can withdraw the badge, and repeated violations of the terms of service may also lead to the loss of the authentication badge.

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