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Sunday October 18, 2020

A new event on November 17th to unveil the new MacBook with ARM processor, “Report”

Apple announced the iPhone 12 series last week, but today it is about to announce a new conference date dedicated to the unveiling of the company’s first Mac processors based on the ARM architecture, according to a new report.

Leakster Jon Prosser, a technical expert, has indicated that the iPhone maker plans to unveil the new Mac with the company’s own processor on November 17th. Pointing out that it will confirm the date a week before the conference, that is, on November 10.

As we know, Apple previously announced its plan to abandon Intel processors in its devices during the WWDC2020 developer conference last June; In a move to adopt the new “Apple Silicon” processor in Mac computers.

And in the alleged leaks of the Taiwanese semiconductor company TSMC – the maker of the chips for Apple – the 12-inch MacBook will be the first device from the company to work with the new processor Which will be called A14X according to the report, so that it will be an upgraded version of the A14 used in the recent iPhone series.

Despite these leaks, the company has not confirmed or declared the alleged conference until the moment. Taking into consideration her statement at the developer conference about the need for nearly two years to fully transition to the use of its new processors in Macs; Therefore, the company’s disclosure of a new device with an Intel processor remains to be found in a solution that is right about the conference.

In the same context, Prosser pointed to the possibility of the company unveiling headphones “headphone” AirPods Studio during its next event; Which will be available in two different versions, according to his expectations, one at $ 350 and another high-end at $ 600.

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