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Sunday October 18, 2020

A new Chinese export law aims to protect the country’s national security

World – Asia

The law, passed by China’s top legislature on Saturday, goes into effect on Dec. 1 and allows Beijing to “take similar measures” against countries that misuse export controls and pose a threat to national security.

The technical data related to the materials covered by the decision will also be subject to export controls, according to the published text of the law.

The recent action by Beijing gives it more room to respond in US President Donald Trump’s war on Chinese technology companies, with the White House moving against popular platforms and major companies, including TikTok, WeChat and the technology giant Huawei.

The new law “designed to protect national security and interests” is added to China’s regulatory toolkit, which also includes a regulation to restrict technology exports and a list of unreliable entities.

The law also stipulates that “in the event that any country or region violates export control measures to threaten national security and the interests of the People’s Republic of China, it (China) may take similar measures.”

He also notes that the Chinese authorities will draw up and amend an export control list containing materials that will be published “in due course.”

The law gives the Chinese authorities the right to hold foreign individuals and groups responsible for violating export control rules.

Economic ties between Beijing and Washington have been affected by US President Donald Trump’s unprecedented campaign of tariffs and threats of embargoes and sanctions on Chinese tech companies.

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