Melasma is a skin problem that affects both men and women, as a result of many reasons, the most important of which is constant exposure to sunlight, or due to genetic factors and thyroid problems, in addition to hormonal problems and pregnancy, where melasma appears on the face and body in the form of dark-colored spots that tend to to brown, and in this article we will introduce you to some recipes to get rid of this problem.

Mixtures that remove melasma

Cactus gel

Aloe vera gel, or as it is known as aloe vera, is one of the most important natural materials that contribute to treating various skin problems, such as acne, melasma and freckles, because it contains a high percentage of sugary substances. It must be applied to pigmented areas, and massaged for a few minutes, and then Leave the mixture on it for a third of an hour before washing it with warm water.


Oats are used to exfoliate the skin, and get rid of dead cells, by mixing equal amounts of oat flour with grain, and half the amount of natural honey, and then applying the mixture to melasma, leaving it for a third of an hour, and washing it with warm water, taking care to repeat these The recipe is three times a week.

natural honey

  • Avocado mixture: It is prepared by mashing an avocado, mixing it with two tablespoons of honey, and applying the mixture to the face or body for a third of an hour, as it is indicated that this mixture contains a high percentage of vitamin C, fatty acids in addition to oleic acid and others. .
  • Almond mixture: Mix almond powder with honey to get a cohesive and easy-to-spread paste. It must be applied to melasma for ten minutes, and the difference will be noticed from the first use.


Lemon contains a high percentage of vitamin C and citric acid, which work to lighten the color of the skin and get rid of its pigmentation. So that the skin does not burn and irritate.

Apple cider vinegar

Mix equal amounts of vinegar with water, and apply the mixture to the skin on a daily basis to get the best results, as it is indicated that vinegar contains acetic acid, which is responsible for lightening the color of the skin and treating its problems.

olive oil

You should massage the pigmented face with a little olive oil, in circular motions for a period of three minutes, and then put a warm cloth on the face, and wipe the oil, where the dead skin will come out with the oil on the cloth.


Mint juice is used, which is obtained by crushing or squeezing mint leaves. The juice must be applied to the face and left for thirty minutes, taking care to follow this recipe on a daily basis until the desired results are obtained.

Aromatic oils

Mix equal amounts of tea tree oil with lavender oil, and apply the mixture on the face five times during the day, and you will notice the result from the first week.

A mixture that removes melasma

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