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Wednesday November 25, 2020

A million dollars a day for the videos! A new feature for Snapchat that generates money for users, but with one condition

Snapchat hopes to find a direct way to encourage people to post photos and videos, in exchange for a share of a $ 1 million daily prize, as the messaging app is set to start paying its users for their most popular snapshots, as the platform moves to avoid a frightening mass exodus of its users to Tech. Talk with user-generated content, according to a newspaper The Guardian British.

The new feature, called Spotlight, will be a major change in how Snapchat users find content on the platform, and it is also one of the most serious efforts yet on the part of the social media company to share profits with all its users, rather than a limited group of famous content creators. .

“The Spotlight feature shows the most interesting shots from the entire Snapchat community in one place, and will become more relevant to each user over time based on their preferences,” Snapchat said in a statement.

The app added, “In a kind of celebration and honoring the creativity of the Snapchat community, Snapchat will distribute more than a million dollars a day to users who make the best videos and photos on Spotlight, at least until the end of this year.”

New app feature: The company created the new feature after realizing that videos made with the Snapchat camera are constantly spreading on other platforms, such as: YouTube and Tik Tok; Because creators have little chance of attracting their own audience on Snapchat itself.

For users, this feature will remind them of the “For You” page on TikTok, which is the crown jewel of the video-sharing app. But behind the scenes, Snapchat has a completely different philosophy.

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Users must explicitly decide to post videos to Spotlight, but by default, their personal files will be blocked when doing so; It is a step that allows creators to participate in creating content without risking unwanted attention.

Anonymity also allows Snapchat to promote the feature and its content, as it is based on an accrual system, where previous popularity is not important.

The videos that users see in their Spotlight feed will not be affected by those who follow on the main platform, and a new post from someone with millions of followers faces exactly the same obstacles in reaching the highest levels of popularity, like a first-time video posted by a new user.

The company also hopes that this approach will prevent popular users from achieving high followings on mid-level videos, while at the same time encouraging ordinary people to produce more interesting videos.

Other platforms, such as streaming service platform Twitch and YouTube, have revenue sharing agreements with major content creators, but all of them require a certain level of reputation to qualify. Instead, Snapchat promises that any highly-watched video – initially about 100,000 views per day, according to the company – will get its share of the money.

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