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Tuesday January 14, 2020

A life without stress and anxiety … your way to salvation

Live with hope, live with love, and know that happiness is in your home; do not search for it in the gardens of others; this is how the experts were keen on enhancing strength within man with their pioneering ideas, and working to export the principle of life without tension to everyone without exception.

Conditions to enjoy the benefits of a life without stress

It is often overlooked that happiness is something that is subject to several different scales, lies inside you, and the reason is that you are busy with work, or compelling circumstances in life, which you must avoid and avoid, for a new vision that helps you to use life in the best way.

The principle of contentment does not mean submitting to the orders of others in general; rather, it means your basic knowledge of the things that are important to you, and dealing with life according to that. As for things outside your control, you will be on a date with diligence, and look forward to moving forward, without looking at the losses, Or profits.

In the previous case, the principle of Great expectations bring Disappointment must be activated, or what is known as “great aspirations bring disappointment”; so you must reduce your ambitions, try hard, and come up with the best results to enhance your humanity in the first place, and then; you can work To reach your goals one by one.

“There are two misfortunes in life: the first: not to get what you want, and the second: to get it without enjoying it.” Thus Oscar Wilde summarized the value of life for the person who wishes what others have, because he misses the positives and gifts that life gives him, so it seems that About to wait a long time for things that will not happen, and omits everything good in his possession.

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You must remember that when you laugh to the world, it does not necessarily make you laugh, but rather overcomes its ugliness, with the beauty of your smile, and seeing love embodied in the people around you. And when you put your head on your pillow, do not hold grudge or grudge against anyone, and make forgiveness for friends a duty, and for enemies to be obligatory.

A life without tension

After your psychological willingness to overcome your life that may not go according to your whims, you can resort in extreme cases of anxiety to some of the things that we review in the following lines, in order to enjoy the advantages of a life without tension or worries.

• breathing deeply

You can take a 5-minute break and focus on breathing, while keeping sitting straight, closing your eyes, and placing your hand on your stomach, and from here; you can breathe in slowly through the nose with the feeling of starting to breathe from the abdomen and passing it towards the top of the head, and then reverse the process In order to exhale using the mouth.

• A healthy diet

A healthy diet stimulates the energy hormones in your body, increases your concentration, and reduces periods of stress, knowing that fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in omega-3, ensure great psychological stability, unlike foods rich in sugars.


Do you remember the principle of laughter for the world, even if it does not laugh at you in return. Be aware that laughing scientifically helps release endorphins, which can reduce the level of adrenaline causing stress.

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