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Monday September 28, 2020

A leader in the Revolutionary Guards: America has not yet received a response to the assassination of the martyr Soleimani

World – Iran

Brigadier General Naqdi said in an interview with Iranian television: The strike against the “Ain al-Assad” base was important at a time when no country in the world dared to take such a step, and the world realized the extent of Iran’s power and the weakness of America. The repercussions of this attack (the missile at Ain Al-Asad base) were very great, but it was not that harsh revenge.

On the advisory presence in countries in the region, he said: The Iranian military presence is at the request of the people or government of that country, stressing that the Revolutionary Guard cannot be present anywhere it pleases without referring to the Supreme Council for Strong Security, which studies diplomatic, military, and national security matters, and then Take a decision in this regard.

On the issue of Yemen, Brigadier General Naqdi said: The Iranian people have provided the most assistance to the Yemeni people in the current circumstances. And if the leaders of Yemen ask us to send forces, we will send after the approval of the Supreme Council for National Security, but the Yemeni people possess this ability and say that they possess the necessary forces and they did not ask us for help because The nature of the war there is different.

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