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Thursday December 31, 2020

A judicial investigation has opened into allegations that soccer star Neymar intends to hold a New Year’s party

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The public prosecutor of Rio de Janeiro announced that he has opened an investigation into allegations that the Brazilian striker and French club Paris Saint-Germain intend to hold a party with between 150 and 500 friends in a villa he owns in the city on New Year’s Day. Indeed, laws in the state of Rio de Janeiro do not prohibit parties from taking place in private homes.

The Brazilian judiciary has opened an investigation into allegations about the intent of the Samba star and Paris Saint-Germain Neymar Organize a New Year’s Day party In a luxurious villa he owns on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, the prosecutor’s office announced.

The public prosecutor of Rio de Janeiro said that he had opened an investigation into this case after he received “many complaints based on information published in the Brazilian newspapers regarding this party organized by the player Neymar”, which sparked widespread criticism towards the player.

The Neymar camp denied holding this party, which was reported to include 150 to 500 invitees. In order to add more mystery to this issue, Neymar published a picture of him with one of his friends while on a yacht on the beach of Santa Catarina in the south of the country.

The public prosecutor asked the Brazilian national team star and French club Paris Saint-Germain and the owner of the villa, as well as an adjacent apartment complex, to provide him “urgently” with details “about the number of those invited to this party and the health measures taken to hold it.”

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Agence France-Presse contacted one of Neymar’s advisors and announced that he did not know whether the Brazilian star would celebrate New Year’s Eve at his luxurious home in Mangaratiba, a tourist city located 130 km from Rio de Janeiro, or if he would stay in Santa Catarina.

The holding of the party in light of Brazil’s suffering from the second largest number of deaths in the world as a result of the Corona virus, as the number exceeded 191 thousand people out of 7.4 million infections, sparked widespread criticism in Brazilian newspapers, describing Neymar’s actions as “irresponsible”, while some went to Further, he considered holding a party in such circumstances as a “criminal responsibility”.

In fact, the laws in force in the state of Rio de Janeiro do not prohibit the holding of parties in private homes, and the municipality of Mangaratiba, where Neymar owns a huge villa and will organize the huge party, confirmed in a statement that it does not have “the ability to intervene” to prevent a party.


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