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Saturday January 16, 2021

A human rights organization: 100 cases of opinion-related arrests in Saudi Arabia in 2020

World – Saudi Arabia

This reflects the ongoing approach of arrests that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has initiated, since he took office in the summer of 2017.

Hundreds of princes, businessmen, scholars, preachers and activists were arrested.

Few of them were released after the money of the rich were seized or the health of the poor deteriorated.

Arrests in connection with opinion

The European-Saudi Organization documented the arrest by the Al Saud authorities of at least 100 citizens for opinion reasons.

The human rights organization monitored 11 women, 2 minors, among the arrests. Pointing out that at least 91 are still in arbitrary detention.

The number could be much higher, she said. She called for reporting arrests on her Twitter page.

Mohammed bin Salman launched a widespread campaign of arbitrary arrests against princes, businessmen, clerics, competencies and elites from all regions, currents, trends and professions.

The prisons were filled with detainees and detention centers, and this is the first time that a large number of women have been arrested for reasons related to freedom of opinion and human rights work.

The policy of marginalization, neglect and belittling of the people has not changed during the reign of King Salman and his son, who promotes openness and entertainment.

In fact, it is like the rest of the previous ruling eras in Saudi Arabia in terms of the mentality of tyranny and the marginalization of the disappeared people.

He is required in every era and authority to drum and glorify the policy of King Salman and his son, the Crown Prince.

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Record numbers

Reports indicate that detainees were subjected to torture, women were subjected to harassment, in addition to thousands of people deprived of their freedom to travel, move, and suspend services.

Some of them are governmental, such as conducting marriage contracts, registering and extracting official papers for family members, or being able to obtain services such as a phone number or renting a car.

The arrests of some members of the ruling authorities because of the struggle for the throne of power, and others affected thousands of businessmen, with many justifications.

The real reason is to subjugate and weaken all figures in the country, and these are crimes against humanity and are committed under orders from the official government.

International losses

There has been widespread international criticism of the record of human rights violations in Saudi Arabia since the reign of King Salman and his son Mohammed bin Salman.

The press and international media talk about human rights, according to international organizations concerned with human rights, became frequent, weekly and even daily.

Despite Saudi Arabia’s attempts to pay large sums of money to PR companies to polish their reputation.

Indeed, the Trump administration, through his State Department, which is getting hundreds of billions from Riyadh to remain silent about the violations and obtain support and protection from Washington.

It published its annual report on human rights in the world, in which it criticized the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia.

The report revealed that the Kingdom is committing human rights violations that include many practices, including enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention, torture and harassment of detainees.

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Because of its human rights record, Riyadh failed to win a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council for three years, starting in January 2021.

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