God created Adam, peace be upon him, and made him dwell in Paradise, he eats from it what he wants, takes shelter in its shadows, enjoys its bliss and is overwhelmed by unparalleled comfort, but despite that, despite all the goodness and bliss, and despite all the beauty that surrounds it, the beauty of trees, birds, the pleasures of food, etc., that he felt In loneliness, Adam was lonely while he was in Paradise, so God created Eve for him, He created her to be his kindness, closeness and affection, He created her to have safety, containment and reassurance, and Eve came, God Almighty created her from Adam’s rib, she is of her origin from him, she came from him to be his, she was created from him to give him warmth and mans.

A righteous woman is the source of beauty and comfort for a man, as she is the wife who is always keen on the satisfaction of her husband, and strives with everything she has to live with her a life full of comfort and affection. She restrains her for the sake of her husband, even if the world is opened to her, she only takes as much as she needs, so she is contented, so she does not disturb her husband with her huge demands of clothing and cosmetics, and she does not look at her female counterparts. What do they wear? And what do they do? Rather, she is a patient, contented woman who believes that the enjoyment of marriage is in a good husband, and that neither money nor prestige benefits anything if something bad happens to her or her husband in their health, so she understands things, so the husband is comfortable if he leaves the house, comfortable if he returns to him, comfortable if Talk to her.

A chaste woman will grow in the eyes of everyone, and her man will be proud of her in front of everyone, and Islam has declared victory for those whose share is a chaste wife with good character. It is as if you got dirt, and you did not gain anything from goodness. Because with the same religion, a man has attained this world and the hereafter, so his wife is a helper for him in performing his religious and worldly duties.

A chaste woman is a treasure for a man in himself, a treasure for him in his children, a treasure for him in the connection of his kinship and relationships, she always reminds him to visit his relatives and check their conditions. Which is another treasure. It is a treasure for her father, and a treasure for her brothers and family. Whatever the conditions of a man may be in obtaining a beautiful wife and of proportions and lineage, but in the end he longs for someone who, if inspired by life, will not lose her, and his days will not disturb him.

And there is a big chaste woman who is a great treasure for a man, who is the one who created him a great man in this life, it is his mother who raised him and put love and faith in him, so he met a life partner who is exactly as he wants pure chaste.

A chaste woman is a man’s treasure

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