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Wednesday September 16, 2020

A blood test reveals 60,000 cases of corona infection in Australia

An Australian study released today, Wednesday, revealed that Australia recorded 11,000 cases of Coronavirus before second wave, but a new blood test revealed that true number may approach 70,000.
And researchers at Australian National University have developed a “highly sensitive” blood test that detects people who have previously been infected with virus.

Professor Ian Cockburn, who coled research with Professor Elizabeth Gardiner, said in a statement: “We tested 3,000 blood samples from healthy people across Australia for antibodies to emerging coronavirus, between June 2 and July 17. ), Before main outbreak in Victoria, and before testing increased in response to second wave. “

“Our best forecast is that about 0.28 percent of Australians, one in every 350, were infected with virus at that time,” he added.

He explained: “It is likely that instead of 11 thousand cases that we know about through nasal swab test, re are about 70 thousand people who have been infected in total.”

Australia has so far recorded a total of 26,738 cases of virus, in addition to 816 deaths among country’s population of about 25 million.

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