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Sunday February 28, 2021

8 things not to look for on Google so that you do not risk your security, money, or health!

Whenever you need some information on any topic, you simply rely on the Google search engine, despite the resources it provides to help you answer, but there are things that you do not search for on Google, because some of what you find on the most popular search engine may be fake and not true.

Some of the information you find on Google is not verified to a large extent, and fraudsters have found a way to exploit this by optimizing search results for fake sites, contact details, or addresses, and also, sometimes you may be misled when it comes to medical or professional advice.

Things you don’t look for on Google

1- Be careful when searching for customer service contact numbers on Google

It is one of the most common scams on the Internet, as fraudsters post fake business listings and customer service numbers on websites to make people think they are genuine customer service numbers and get them into a trap.

But most applications and services contain built-in chat windows for customer service and do not even contain any contact number that you can call, or you can confirm the accuracy of the numbers from the sites of these official services.

2- Always check the URL when searching for banking services

It is highly recommended that you do not search Google for the banking services website provided by your bank unless you know its exact official internet URL.

This is because fraudsters can publish fake online banking sites to browse your login details, so you must always enter the URL of your bank’s online banking services portal to access the site safely, as indicated by Gadgets Now.

3- Do not search for apps or programs on Google to download them

Avoid searching for applications, programs, or any other files on Google, and always search for applications on official application stores such as Google Play for Android devices and Apple Store for iPhone devices, because Google is full of links to malicious programs and applications.

4- Always consult your doctor, not Google

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If you are sick, go to the doctor, it is certain that Google is not a place to search for medicines or treatments, as it is strongly advised not to skip the doctor and rely on Google search information to know the nature of your illness if you are experiencing a health problem, as well as it is dangerous to buy medicines based on The information you find on Google.

5- Don’t blindly believe nutrition and weight loss advice

Things Not to Search for on Google – Image Credit: iStock

Every human body is unique and works differently. So, don’t get weight loss advice or take other nutritional advice from Google. If you want to change your diet, then go to a dietitian, and if you want to lose weight, consult a doctor first and then monitor your condition.

6- Don’t believe stock market advice

Like health, personal finance and dealing in the stock market, there cannot be a single investment plan that makes everyone rich. So avoid taking advice from Google search results while investing.

7- Check the government website addresses

Just like online banking websites, government websites like municipal tax, hospitals, etc.are prime targets for scammers. Since the original website is difficult to locate, always choose to visit any particular government website directly rather than searching for it on Google.

8- Avoid searching for coupons and e-commerce site offers

Fake webpages of so-called offers on e-commerce sites flooded Google searches, and this is another classic scam in which victims are lured with luring deals to click on malicious websites and steal their online banking login details.

Tips to turn Google into a professional electronic investigator

Like it or not; Google is the gateway for most people to the Internet, and through it they know a lot of information, so it will be good to learn more new tricks to use it more professionally, and we have collected the most important 8 advantages that make it easier for us to use Google, quoting from a newspaper report The New York Times America, the network Fox News American.

1- Try advanced search

Everyone knows the normal Google search method. But skilled researchers prefer the advanced search feature, which helps you refine your results. You can find websites with specific words, precise sentences, numbers, languages, regions, and other specific factors.

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During the first search attempt, click on Settings, you will find it below the main typing location on the right, and search for Advanced Search. You will find many search boxes. This way, you can refine your search in several ways.

If you are unable to find something specific on a site because it lacks a good search feature, there is a box in Google’s advanced search that you can search on the site or link. For media, you can search by image size or dimensions, color, site search or you can even filter the results with copyright.

2- Quick and easy search methods

If you don’t need all of the filter filters in this advanced search, then you can use several shortcuts for the normal search. For example, if you are looking for something specific you can add quotation marks to the word or sentence such as “The Last Dance”.

If you want to exclude a word, place a minus sign (-) before the word you don’t want.

You can put a (+) sign before any word that you want to emphasize its importance.

You can also search a site directly by typing Site: before the link, then follow the link with the term you are looking for. Example (site: “google”) You can use the same method to search for related content with (related :).

Put an @ sign before a word to search on social media, or add a # before a word to search for hashtags. You can use * in place of a word you do not know, or to save a place. You can even search a specific range of numbers in the following manner: 2002..2018.

3- Stay informed about what’s new the easy way

Want to get a quick look at the weather today? Assuming the device you’re using knows where you are, type in the word weather on Google and you’ll get daily detailed weather forecasts with forecasts for the coming days. You can also type the weather in Atlanta, or anywhere on the map, and you’ll get a detailed update on weather in that area.

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4- Mathematics made easy

Don’t want to search for a calculator app? Just write your math problem or equation in the search field to turn Google into a simple calculator. You can also type “calculator” in the search field and a calculator will appear in front of you.

Google can also convert currencies and help you with engineering issues. Just type Solve and fill in the rest. Google can even draw graphs.

5- Final countdown

This skill is shockingly useful, especially in the kitchen. Just search on Google for the word Timer, and you will find a 5-minute preset countdown clock, which you can quickly change for the period you want. And tap the square above to turn it into a stopwatch.

6- Find the origin of the word

Lots of people use Google as a dictionary, and they type a word and attach it to the word “definition” in the search engine. But Google is more than just a simple entry, as it provides you with synonyms and opposites, and usually provides the origin of the word as well.

So if you like to know that the word “night” has its origin in Old English “neaht”, then you can play this language game all day.

7- Search for two things simultaneously

Most of us thought we should search for one term at a time, first looking for Paris, then looking for aviation history.

If you are not sure what to look for, Google can mix two searches. All you have to do is add the search terms you want, and separate them with And or Or.

8- Google Newspaper Archive

Unlike the clumsy slide of thumbnails you have at your local library, Google has kept thousands of newspapers in PDF format, many of which date back to the American Revolution.

You will find newspapers from all over the world, in a number of languages. Some of these collections are incomplete, but amateur historians will greatly enjoy this archival treasure.

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