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Sunday January 17, 2021

6 secrets that will increase your brain health and give you a strong memory

Under the lens of the microscope, the nerve cells appear as a dense, intertwining forest, which enables each neuron to be linked to the largest number of neighboring cells by means of growths called synapses (Synapses). Thus, it can be said that all brain cells are functionally linked to each other through chains of synapses that provide bridges for movement between the network of cells in all directions, allowing for an infinite number of possible paths between them.

In fact, each of these pathways is unique in and of itself, and the brain uses them to encode specific mental content. Our hidden memories, dreams, and fears are nothing but mental beings who dwell in this nervous forest and wander along their tangled paths.

The more you evoke a particular memory, the more the path of mind dedicated to this memory becomes for the passage of nerve impulses, which confirms this memory, just as our steps when walking in a field of grass form a path that increases walking the more we walk it.

And the opposite is also true, when we do not evoke a particular memory, its nervous pathway disappears and its traces are subsequently erased. So the streams of ideas draw and shape mental pathways, changing the brain’s geography, and this is known as neuroplasticity.

Learning new terms or ideas also prompts the brain to grow new dendrites, and the mental spectrum expands and flourishes. An anthropometric study conducted by the Swedish University of Lund found that people who speak several languages ​​have a thicker cortex than others, meaning that the brain literally grows upon learning and practicing a certain skill constantly, as the synapses condense and form nerve clusters that can even be seen with magnetic resonance images. For example, British researchers conducted an imaging study of the brains of taxi drivers in London, through magnetic resonance imaging, with the aim of monitoring the effects of their chronic use of the spatial memory skills that they depend on in their work, and found that a part of their brains called the hippocampus has become larger compared to normal people.

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We conclude from the above that the brain is a dynamic organ that is constantly changing according to its input, interacting and dancing in rhythm with the music and pulse of ideas, and not just an information container or a static data chip.

In the medical field, the idea of ​​brain plasticity is used in several ways, for example when an area of ​​the brain such as the functional linguistic range is affected, the patient loses the ability to speak or express certain words, so doctors resort to rehabilitative speech therapy to stimulate the brain to create new nerve connections to compensate for the deficiency in The linguistic function, just like the process of creating side diversions when a street is blocked.

In the same context, physiotherapy is used for stroke patients, who suffer from motor paralysis, to stimulate the functional range of the brain to compensate for the damage.

The idea of ​​brain plasticity is also being used in several other areas, such as education, marketing, artificial intelligence, and others.

Here are some recommendations and tips that can increase neuroplasticity in the brain, thus sharpening mental functions such as memory, focus and broadening the mental horizon.

First: Continuous reading; Reading increases the number of synapses between neurons, so the efficiency of the nerve circuits and the harmony between parts of the brain and its left and right lobes increases, and it stimulates the brain to germinate new nerve buds, meaning that the brain changes structural and function after every novel you read or a newspaper that you read, which explains why people who read are characterized by Continuously with the widening of mental horizon and intellectual flexibility, even if your reading this article slightly changed the shape of your brain tissue!

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Second: Education experts paid attention to the principle of neuroplasticity, and proceeded to develop curricula that take advantage of this phenomenon by stimulating critical thinking, and encouraging students to flip information and formulate it through various educational methods, such as graphs and infographics, audio such as student discussion groups, and perceptually such as the practical application of study materials. In order to intensify the mental pathways and establish the roots of the nerve shoots. Therefore, in order to consolidate your memorization of information, write it or draw it, or as it is said (Think and ink), that is, write the information even by scribbling. Also, share what you learn with others and discuss it in study groups.

Third: The phrase (a healthy mind in a healthy body) was not said only to be written on wall panels and baby formula boxes, as the mental processes are based on an infrastructure of budding and synaptic processes, which in turn need the vital support represented by a healthy balanced diet containing vitamins, especially vitamins B, sports that improve blood supply to brain tissue.

Fourthly: Avoid stress, as anxiety and negative feelings leave a structural damage to the neural network and the death of some sensitive brain cells, such as pyramidal cells (pyramid-like cells located on the temporal side of the brain that are directly responsible for memory), which causes early dementia in people who are exposed to emotional trauma More than others.

We should also stay away as much as possible from toxic personalities, because they literally poison brain cells by exposing them to stress enzymes.

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Fifthly: Mix with smart people; When two people exchange conversations, their brains are, in fact, interacting with each other, and intellectual exchange and cross-fertilization takes place between them that reshape the neural pathways for both of them. Smart people spread enlightening ideas just as butterflies scatter nectar in fields and they fill up with flowers.

Sixthly: Experience and experience: Every time you practice a skill, you reset the sensors and electrical nerve circuits within the brain area responsible for that skill to increase its efficiency and accuracy in proportion to the number of attempts. Try throwing papers in the trash can at an angle to the room, and see how efficient your shooting increases with each attempt. This is a simplified example of the idea of ​​neuroplasticity!

The Greek philosopher Plutarch says: (The mind glows like fire and does not fill like a cup.) The moment the mind shuts off from learning, its fire fades and diminishes, while its flame ignites and is kindled as the whiff of ideas blows and strikes.

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