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Thursday March 26, 2020

6 positive travel stories that encourage you to be optimistic and change your mood immediately – Corona travel and positives

The world may be “beyond Corona” not the same as before it! This possibility is great, as the present indicates this. This virus has changed the face of the whole world: aviation is almost halted, people in its homes do not dare, but are forbidden to go out except for the most urgent necessity sometimes, hospitals are overcrowded, the economies of countries are shaking, anxiety is a daily guest and news is overflowing negative so much that it is actually able to enter you in A bubble of sadness and despair.

But what if we told you that, amidst such an enormous amount of negativity, there are many positive stories and facts, and yes … Corona brought them ?!

Let us know the positives of Corona, and let these positive and inspiring stories sail us to the shores of hope and reassurance!

1- Reducing emissions and returning spirit to air

In light of the strict measures taken by most countries around the world to combat the Covid epidemic 19 hh in which stopping or limiting flights, closing factories and institutions, imposing domestic reservations or curfews … the air has regained some of its pure spirit due to the low emissions and the resulting toxins mainly From cars, trucks, power plants and some industrial facilities, thus saving lives that were dying every year due to air pollution! For example, according to an analysis by the Carbon Briefing website, which specializes in climate research, energy use in China has decreased by 25 percent over two weeks.

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2- The warrior’s rest

When the operators of the “Komodo National Park” in Indonesia felt a danger for the animals in it, they considered closing its doors to tourists in an attempt to preserve the rare Komodo dragons, which are the largest living species of lizards. In 2018, Thailand’s National Parks, Wildlife and Conservation Department closed the famous “Maya Bay” as part of a renewal program aimed at reviving the devastated coral reefs in the area. Many other tourist attractions of all categories (natural, historical, cultural …) around the world may have been closed or were about to do so due to the huge crowding witnessed in light of the influx of tourists to it, which exposes them to a number of risks. Today, Coved gave her 19 free breaks, so she may recover, regenerate and breathe a sigh of relief!

3- Clear Venice channels

Have you seen this beautiful and unique image of the Italian city of Venice when you surfed the Internet recently ?! Well, it was recently caught, that is, unfortunately given the outbreak of Corona virus in Italy. The bright side of the story is that this place, which was teeming with millions not long ago, began to recover some of its wellbeing after it was empty of tourists and even residents. As the gondola boat trips stopped in the canals, the latter turned into pure paintings with clean water! Although it is unlikely that dolphins will appear in this place, as some social media posts have claimed, but in fact it has been spotted off the coast of Sardinia, 500 miles from “Venice, and this is really joyful!”

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4- Wildlife is okay

Let’s not forget that the Covid 19 epidemic is likely to have arisen as a result of the wild animal trade. The good news is that to help fight the virus, China has banned this type of trade and made eating wild animals illegal. Not only will this save the lives of many species, including the badger, the scallopant and even the turtle, but it will motivate other countries to follow the same path. It is said, Vietnam is one of the countries most likely to study this vital change.

5- Tourists will be carried on the shoulders!

You know, of course, that this crisis will end sooner or later and the water will return to its tracks … and the planes will return to their heavens! It is expected that the tourists will be welcomed in a remarkable way, especially by the local people who may have been living in this sector, and after the economic hardship caused by the virus, they need support and assistance. How happy you will be, especially when you know that you are helping to support a family when you enter to eat in that lovely little restaurant in the corner over there!

6- Planning to travel now

No, this is not an imaginary optimism as some might think, but rather an overwhelming fact. Corona will leave, God willing, and accordingly you can benefit from your time today and from being at home by stone or curfews, and planning future life trips that you yearn for! Find impressive new destinations and read our inspiring stories and follow us on our platforms on social media, especially the # The World_Travel_To feature that we launched for you and for all those wonderful destinations around the world!

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