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Tuesday July 21, 2020

6 multipurpose vehicles for the year 2020 from …

Chevrolet proudly takes the lead on the top of the SUV segment. The brand had launched the first vehicle of this type in history in nearly a hundred years, to evolve over time and become larger and better performing, driven by the ambition of Chevrolet and its constant aspiration for the future.

It is now well known that the behavior of car customers is changing radically, as the New York Times indicated that SUVs accounted for 70 percent of the market share in 2019. And while half of the cars previously sold were medium sedans Volume, today this percentage has decreased and its average is only about 10 percent.

This is a clear indication of the change in customer preferences. Fortunately, Chevrolet has the most prominent and sophisticated group of SUVs in the brand’s history spanning 108 years, which is suitable for adventure lovers of drivers who travel on different paths according to their wishes and rules. .

Chevrolet Captiva

Within this framework, the leading position is occupied by the allnew Chevrolet Captiva, which represents the summary of Chevrolet’s global experience in the field of SUVs, while maintaining its position as one of the most affordable sevenseat vehicles in its class. Captiva, thanks to its sophisticated design, spacious and flexible interior and smart technologies, reflects the Chevrolet philosophy in the SUV segment, setting the stage for a new era for this ancient name in the Middle East.

Looking at the broadest range of Chevrolet SUVs, Equinox, with its streamlined design and powerful features, must be mentioned simultaneously, made of hardened steel and packed with active, protective safety features that can sense danger even before its driver realizes it.

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Chevrolet Equinox

Equinox includes radarbased radar systems, sensor and safety technologies to alert the driver of any potential hazards. This vehicle provides a comprehensive 360degree surround warning allowing its driver to avoid all accidents while driving, and it is already a technically enhanced vehicle that provides the perfect balance between the power of performance and the highest safety standards.

But not all families are ready to give up their highperformance car, and here the Chevrolet Blazer stands out.

Chevrolet Blazer

Essentially, the vehicle has elegant flow lines and high strength, and it first appeared in the region in 2019 through the pioneering talent discovery program Arabs Got Talent, and thus shines like the stars.

Blazer draws attention by the roaring of its engine, and it combines the power of performance with fuel efficiency, through a smart stop / start technology that turns off the engine smoothly when there is no need to operate it, and thus it is actually considered a powerful and smart engine at the same time.

In light of the wide diversity of backgrounds of the inhabitants of this region, it is natural that the requirements for SUVs vary greatly. For example, today’s SUV driver needs a model that is characterized by more than just strong performance or elegant design, and here comes the role of ‘Traverse’ which is full of amazing technologies and combines the power of performance and the intelligence of modern technologies. It is also large enough to accommodate the entire family, and every seat has thoughtful technical touches, such as USB ports, to charge phones and tablets during flights.

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Chevrolet Traverse

The most important characteristic of Traverse is the Chevrolet infotainment system, which supports Siri EyesFree, the latest invehicle voice recognition technology, which allows the driver to control many important functions without having to lift his hands off the wheel.

Moving on to Tahoe, the other favorite in the region, this fullsize SUV has captured the hearts of many, as a member of the family, a trusted bodyguard, a member of the armed forces, a member of the emergency team, and a shining movie star.

Chevrolet Tahoe

The Tahoe may be one of the most flexible vehicles in the family of Chevrolet SUVs, and it has a strong roadside feel, while at the same time handling the highest sand dunes with impressive efficiency. More importantly, Tahoe is deeply rooted in the automotive culture of the Middle East, because of its long history in this region.

The last member of the Chevrolet SUV family is the prestigious Suburban. Not surprisingly, the Suburban dating back to 1935 was a true revolutionary event in the automotive industry that Chevrolet achieved when introducing the world’s first SUV. This amazing vehicle continues to dominate the brand of SUVs to this day, even after the 85th anniversary of its birth. Now being the oldest in its class in the automotive sector, the Suburban is proof that the size of the vehicle contributes to its benefits. And if the customer is looking for the maximum space for passengers and cargo, then this vehicle is his ideal option.

Chevrolet Suburban

As the first vehicle to win the Hollywood Star of Excellence in Corridor of Fame, this vehicle continues its legendary brilliance with the 2021 model, which is expected to reach the Middle East market in the third quarter of 2020.

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