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Friday February 14, 2020

5 types of fruits help you lose weight easily, especially pomegranate and guava

Fruits rich in fiber are often low-calorie, and have a large number of health benefits, and one of the prominent benefits of high-fiber fruits is weight loss, since we know that most forms of carbohydrates are broken down into glucose to provide us with energy, the fibers are not digested quickly than what transpires us We feel full.

Many people prefer eating

Fruits rich in fiber for weight loss

Because they keep satiety for a long time, and it is considered one of the best foods to lose weight because it moves slowly in the gut, and gives us a feeling of fullness, and thus prevent us from consuming those extra calories that increase the risk of obesity, fruits rich in fiber can be consumed at any time of the day, especially the breakfast.

Below is a list of high-fiber fruits that will help you lose weight easily:


1. Avocado ..

100 grams of avocado loaded with 6.7 g of dietary fiber, according to a study, avocado contains biologically active compounds that help reduce the risk of obesity, and it is also a rich source of dietary fiber that increases satiety and reduces the craving for food.

Eat berries
Eat berries

2. Berries ..

Berries contain 6.5 grams of dietary fiber, according to a study, which berries prevent and improve a person’s fatty liver and obesity, and the study also shows that berries help reduce body weight.

Kiwi and its benefits
Kiwi and its benefits

3. Kiwi ..

100 grams of kiwi fruit, contains 3 grams of dietary fiber, kiwi is a nutrient-dense fruit that contains soluble and insoluble fiber, fruit consumption gives a feeling of fullness and satiety, which makes us get rid of the extra calories responsible for weight gain, as it contains An enzyme called actinidine that helps with digestion.

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Guava contains fiber
Guava contains fiber

4. Guava

100 grams of guava contains 5.4 grams of dietary fiber, and it is one of those foods that have low calories and high dietary fiber, according to a study, guava is the best way to get rid of (cholesterol), and blood sugar in individuals.


5. Pomegranate ..

100 grams of pomegranate, contains 4 grams of dietary fiber, the positive effects of pomegranate in reducing obesity have been mentioned in many studies, one study says that the presence of high antioxidants, and anthocyanins in pomegranate, is responsible for reducing body fat, and that According to the site “boldsky“.

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