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Thursday January 14, 2021

5 mustdo exercises in morning

There is no doubt that exercising early in morning leaves you feeling refreshed and energized and helps prepare for a hard day’s work.
Here are a set of exercises that you should practice every morning to regain your activity after waking up from sleep, according to Huffington Post:

Warmup exercises
Before starting any morning exercises or if you just want to do some simple movement certified personal trainer Lisa Matteo suggests doing some quick warmup exercises for entire body. Matteo recommends stretching exercises for quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, shoulders and triceps.

Tree Exercise
The tree pose can help promote balance and stability throughout day, and according to yoga and meditation instructor Christine McGee, yoga pose known as “tree pose” is ideal starting point for morning exercises. It promotes balance and stability in legs and trunk.

Bending exercise
Anor great yoga movement to do in morning due to its ability to “stretch and straighten entire body, it also gets blood flowing to brain, which is great for feeling refreshed and energized,” McGee explained, this movement largely reminds us of way a dog wakes up from a nap and extends His entire body has a curved arc, and humans can imitate this movement by starting standing on all sides while keeping wrists in line with shoulders and toes.

When you exhale, push your hips up and straighten your legs, and continue to push gently upwards with your arms involved and move your shoulders away from your ears, keep your knees raised, and push your legs back and forth to relieve any tightness in legs or lower back.

Back lieflat exercise
This exercise helps to strengn core muscles and prevent lower back injury, and it is best to perform this movement on a padded mat, and start with lying on your back with knees bent, feet on floor and arms straight beside torso, keep in mind that main goal is to keep lower back pressed firmly on ground While on move.

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Once you reach starting position, raise your hands with your elbows placed over your shoulders and your fists facing each or. Exhale and raise your legs with your knees directly above your hips, n slowly lower your right arm and left leg until y are above ground.

Squat exercise
Squatting helps improve mobility while working on ligaments and connective tissue, and it also helps support joints. Start by bending knees and feet on floor, and hips and ankles should be facing outward. With chest up and your thighs parallel to floor, tighten your abdominal muscles and push your buttocks back.

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