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Tuesday January 14, 2020

5 iOS 12 Security Settings You Must Change Now!

5 iOS 12 Security Settings You Must Change Now! 1

After many months of beta and bugs, the final IOS 12 finally appeared. The version Apple users have waited for a long period of time. And it seems that the update brings many very good features. In terms of performance, it provided a good development in the performance of phones. In terms of features, the update works many additions that distinguish it from the previous version. However, of course it solved all the problems of IOS 11 which users complained about. We list to you the most prominent ways in which you can take advantage of the new features in iOS 12 for the purpose of protection and safety.

You can view the full features through the following link:

So here are the top 5 points that you should do as soon as you upgrade IOS 12

5 iOS 12 Security Settings You Must Change Now! 2

So here are the top 5 points you should take a look at before using IOS 12 and you can check the following list of devices that have the update for IOS 12:

  • IPhone 5s
  • Iphone 6 & 6plus
  • IPhone 6s & 6s plus
  • IPhone 7 & 7 plus
  • IPhone 8 & 8 plus
  • IPhone X
  • IPhone Xs comes updated automatically
  • IPhone Xs Max comes up to update automatically
  • IPhone XR comes update automatically

1. Turn on “USB Restricted Mode”

5 iOS 12 Security Settings You Must Change Now! 3

This new feature in iOS 12 prevents any accessories such as USB cables or headphones from communicating with your phone in the event that your phone did not open for an hour.

You can turn this mode on by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode Then you must write your code, then you must go down and make sure that it is not allowedUSB Accessories As long as the phone is off. On iPhone X you have to go to Face ID Settings)

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2. Make sure that Automatic Updates is enabled for the system

5 iOS 12 Security Settings You Must Change Now! 4

Every time your iPhone or iPad gets an update and comes with important security and protection updates that solve new security problems and fill gaps in the system, though how often do you update your phone? Mostly, you will not occupy your mind unless it is a major update for a new version, for example, a feature of the new iOS 12 that it will now automatically update your phone in the background during your use of the phone, so your use of the phone will not be disrupted for the update.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update Turn on Automatic Updates.

3. Choose a stronger Passcode

5 iOS 12 Security Settings You Must Change Now! 5

IOS has become better over the past years with passcodes. Secret codes were only 4 numbers for years, and now you can set a 6-digit secret code. This makes the Brute-forcing process that includes trying all possible codes harder.

But now you can set a secret code with any number you want, eight or twelve and also more.

go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode Then enter your password, then choose Change password Choose options Custom Numeric Code.

4. I use Two-Factor Authentication

5 iOS 12 Security Settings You Must Change Now! 6

Two-Factor Authentication feature is one of the best ways to secure your accounts, it was introduced by Apple in the new iOS 12, you can use this feature to secure your Apple account, so if someone can access your password, he will need to have access to a reliable device such as your phone Also, Apple has added a feature to write the code automatically to make the login process easier.

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It may be that you are asked to do the feature the first time you turn on the phone, or you can go to Settings Then click on your name and then go to Password & Security Then press Turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

5. Change the passwords you used more than once

5 iOS 12 Security Settings You Must Change Now! 7

IOS 12 Password Manager is now discovering if you have used the same password more than once in different locations, then it alerts you and advises you to change the password, for example if someone can access your password on Facebook, he may try to log in at Your Twitter account has the same password. This feature prevents this from happening.

go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords Enter your password, you will find a small warning icon next to each account that has been discovered to use a repeated password, press Change Password on Website On the account where you want to change the password.

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