Video content makers put in a lot of effort in providing authentic and sound content to the audience. However, some of them overlook one of the important factors in enhancing the value and professionalism of its content, which is the Intro Design of its works. This process requires a touch of creativity mixed with best practice, so how can you design an attractive intro?

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What is intro?

An intro is a short, focused intro that is added at the beginning of your YouTube videos, usually three to eight seconds in length. The intro basically expresses you and the nature of your content or brand, that is, it represents your identity and distinguishes you from other channels similar to your channel’s field on the platform. The design of a professional intro is the most important factor in attracting the audience and increasing the quality of the content.

The importance of designing an intro for your business

Although the intro does not exceed a few seconds during the video clip, which may be minutes, it has a positive impact on increasing the value of your content and flourishing. The most prominent of these effects are:

Brand Awareness

Frequently passing the outro in front of the viewer while they are browsing your videos helps cement them in their mind. It gets to know your business directly anywhere, whether through your logo, brand name, or even the introductory music you add with each video.

Give a positive impression and attract attention

The professional intro is part of the channel’s professionalism, as it is a sign of its care to improve the viewer’s experience, and to highlight its brand. Adding a catchy intro at the beginning of the video enhances its value and appeal to the audience, encouraging them to finish watching without leaving the video too quickly.

Achieving consistency between videos

Viewers generally like consistency of a certain level in the elements of any group, and your videos are important elements to add to your channel, and they are growing day by day. Having a common element between videos that cover new information in each will help you achieve consistency, creating a sense of familiarity when watching any of your videos.

The most important criteria for designing a YouTube intro video

When you want to design an intro for your channel, there are several criteria that must be taken into account in order to obtain a professional result that achieves the desired goals, and they are technical requirements that some may overlook:

Content Specialization

You may have many ideas for designing your own intro video, it is important to evaluate these ideas based on the specialty of your channel’s content, in order to match the theme, the design scenario, and the channel field. That is, the intro design should express your content. The intro of the entertainment channel is not the same as the intro of an educational channel, for example, and if your channel is intended for children, the presence of animation during the intro is an effective and often relevant addition.

Video size and dimensions

What are the dimensions of the video frame in your works? The width and height ratio of your intro design depends on this answer. Usually, it is preferable to adopt the Aspect Ratio that the YouTube platform favors, which is 16 units of width to 9 units of length. It is worth noting that YouTube will adapt to any video ratio placed, the important thing is that it matches the percentage that you adopt in your videos.

video format

Before recommending a specific format to use for your YouTube videos, be aware that the YouTube platform supports a wide range of video file formats. But for optimal use of the platform, we recommend that you use popular standard formats, such as MP4 or MOV.

Music License

Adding any music that attracts you in the outro design may expose your videos to be deleted from YouTube, as the platform imposes strict conditions regarding intellectual property rights, which must not be violated in any way. So don’t add any music without making sure it’s usable without copyright, or purchasing permission to use it.

How to design a professional intro

The process of designing an Intro Design video intro, whether for YouTube or your other platforms, requires a high degree of accuracy and skill, and it consists of five main steps:

Step one: study the target audience

Awareness of the field of your YouTube channel is not enough to come up with the optimal design of the intro, the target audience are the viewers you are looking to attract, and therefore attention should be paid to their nature and preferences. Is your audience children or young adults? And what are their interests? Are there certain specialties that your audience must have in order to want to see your work?

For example, videos explaining programming languages ​​are aimed at programmers and anyone who wants to learn them. During the intro, focus on the interests of the viewer and the reasons that motivate them to follow your content.

Step two: Draw the initial image for the intro

Here you will form a preliminary conception of your channel’s intro design, and this stage requires brainstorming and artistic flair mixed with an insight into design. Research the popular intro designs in your industry, and get inspired by it, the important thing is that the result is based mainly on your goals and audience.

Visualize the overall picture accurately, for example, if you are creating meditative content, the music should be calm, the colors are relaxing, and the prominent image is a landscape through which the channel logo appears, for example. This will give you a clear view of what you want.

The third step: identify the elements of the intro

Intro elements and components differ from one channel to another, and from one design to another. However, it is worth noting that video introductions share five main elements:

  • Logo: The logo is the main element that various brands or content makers use to highlight their identity, as it is the distinguishing mark through which the audience infers the channel or video owner.
  • Channel name: The presence of the channel name and the logo are just as important, as both are an essential part of your identity on YouTube or other platforms. And the presence of the name of the channel in the design of your content intro embeds it in the minds of the audience.
  • Social media accounts: If you are active on different social media platforms as a video content creator, it will help you to include your accounts in the intro of your video to let your audience know about them, and thus increase their follow-up and engagement.
  • Music: Intro elements are generally visual, but the addition of the music element affects the viewer’s ear, enhancing his attention. Find exclusive and exclusive music for the channel for audiences to recognize.

Step Four: Design the Visual Effects

The intro is a video composed of a group of different visual effects, which come together in a way that achieves attractiveness and consistency, and communicates the message clearly. You will find a set of movements and effects through which several graphics or texts are formed at the end. The most prominent of these influences are:

  • animation: Which gives a lively and attractive character to the intro, it may be your cartoon character as a content maker waving to the scenes, or it may be several transitions and creative touches that make up your logo.
  • Texts: The text is often the name of the channel with a small sentence as a message about the nature of your content. Here the specific text style should be taken care of, consistent with the overall design style and content specialization, not being too ornate with eg simple and formal elements.
  • Pictures: Images are generally the most prominent elements of visual content anywhere, and the image may be the background for the intro design, or a group of images combined with each other or distributed in parts of the design.

Your channel’s intro video design may contain all three of these effects, or just a combination of two. Watch the following video intro that includes the logo with text, and several eye-catching visual effects that make it up at the beginning:

Step Five: Merge the Elements and Preview the Video

After you finish designing the elements, start merging them with each other and add the selected music clip, to get a short video clip ready, see the result carefully and ask yourself: Are the elements consistent with each other? Is the final form appropriate for what I offer? Take feedback from your first impression to adjust the outcome if necessary. Then extract the video in the appropriate format, to start adding it at the beginning of your videos.

In general, intro design requires extensive experience in the field and proficiency in various design and editing programs, such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. That’s why we advise you to hire a professional intro designer through a freelancer, to get impressive results that fit your expectations and increase the value of your video content.

3 tips for creating an attractive and professional intro

Professional intro design is a creative process from start to finish, the higher the designer’s artistic taste, the better the end result. Here are some of the best tips for incorporating an artistic sense into your design:

1. Make consistency a priority

Consistency is the most important design rule that it is important to comply with regardless of the type of work, and hence the elements of intro design should achieve together visual and artistic unity, in harmony between them. Start by achieving this since choosing the colors for the design as a whole, and make sure that the colors are quoted and appropriate with the channel logo, and do not exceed three colors to avoid noise. Also consider the consistency of the music with the rest of the elements.

2. Invest in animations and transitions

Your eye may fall on an intro for a YouTube channel with simple, boring graphics, and then see another introduction that attracts you from the first second with quick graphics and effects that eventually form the channel’s logo. Which would you prefer? Certainly the liveliness offered by the second option was more striking. So, take care to use animated visual effects when designing your intro, to capture the viewer’s attention from the first moment.

3. Avoid elongating the introduction period

An intro is a clip added at the beginning of each of your videos, meaning it is a common introduction and not an exclusive part of the video content. So it should not affect the duration of the video too much, and its length may invite the viewer to close the video before watching it, the aim of opening the video is to see its main content. So keep your intro video short, preferably no more than five seconds. The shorter, more purposeful and catchy the intro, the more likeable the audience will be.

In conclusion, if you are one of the owners of YouTube channels, or you are interested in creating professional video content for your business, then the design of the intro will give you a competitive advantage that will attract your audience in your own way, so feel free to add this creative touch to your business.

writing: Mohamed Mahmoud

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