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Thursday August 6, 2020

40 immigrants drowned in Mauritania coast


About 40 people were on board the boat that sank off the coast of the city of Nouadhibou, Mauritanian, UNHCR’s special envoy, Vincent Kochtel, in a Tweet on Twitter..

“A new drowning incident off Nouadhibou beach for about 40 people, and there is one survivor from Guinea,” Kochtel wrote. The Special Envoy added that “together with the local authorities and partners, UNHCR and the International Organization for Migration are trying to intensify efforts to prevent such tragedies, but smugglers continue to lie to their clients.”“.

A Mauritanian security source told Agence France Presse that the drowning incident “took place in international waters far from the coasts of the country.”“.

“They all died, I think, and I am the only survivor,” the French agency quoted, through the security source, the survivor as saying. He added that he and his colleagues came from Morocco, and were heading to the Canary Islands, “but our boat broke down, and for a long time we had no help, so the passengers threw themselves into the sea.”

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