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Saturday February 15, 2020

4 tips to help you save yourself from infectious diseases

It is very easy to catch an infection if you are not very careful about public health measures, but with the following tips offered in the “the healthy” report, you can easily keep yourself safe and healthy.

You have to be very careful to avoid the risk of infection, and worse yet, you know that some viruses may not even respond to treatment, it is not easy to be safe considering that you often have to be out of work.

The right direction to protect yourself is to take some precautions to maintain your health during your regular daily activities, by following these tips

Wash your hands frequently, and this is the first rule to keep yourself safe, so be sure to continue washing your hands with soap foam by rubbing your hands with soap and water for at least 21 seconds.

Cover your mouth when coughing:

This will protect the person next to you, and it is best to cover your mouth with your arm, sleeve, handkerchief, or elbow, as your hands may carry many germs, so avoid covering your mouth with your hands.


Getting the right vaccinations will help protect you and your family, so call your doctor and ask about vaccines that may be recommended to you.

Avoid touching your face with your hands:

This also applies to the eyes and nose. You never know what your hands have touched and if they are free of germs, you can also avoid infections by avoiding touching your face with contaminated hands.

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