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Tuesday October 20, 2020

3 amazing ways Apple Watch interacts with MacBook computers

Reward a company Camel Its loyal users have many features that are available if you use different Apple devices together. For example, if you use an iPad with a MacBook computer, you will be able to use the iPad to draw on the computer, as well as if you use an Apple Watch with a MacBook computer, and in this article we review 3 features that you can benefit from if you use the Apple Watch with a MacBook computer ..

1- Use the Apple Watch to open and close the MacBook computer

One of the important safety features in a MacBook computer is that it automatically shuts itself off with a password when you move away from it or do not use it for a period of time, which is a great feature to prevent strangers from using your device, but at the same time you may get bored of typing your password several times during the day whenever You wanted to use the computer, so if you are an Apple Watch user, you can unlock the screen by pressing a single button on your watch after pairing it with your MacBook computer.

All you have to do is go to settings Settings On a MacBook.

Then go to security and privacy Security and Privacy

Finally, let Apple Watch unlock the screen.

2- Control the iTunes program and the music player on the computer via the Apple Watch

Control iTunes with Apple Watch

You can always control the iTunes music player on your iPhone via the Apple Watch, but what you do not know is that the watch can also control iTunes and the music player on MacBook computers as well, all you have to do is open the iTunes program on MacBook and make sure that the device is bluetooth enabled .

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Now go to the Apple Watch and open the Remote app

Choose iTunes, and the clock will display four numbers.

Now head over to your MacBook and you will see that the same screen appears.

Enter the four numbers on the Apple Watch screen on the MacBook.

Now you can control the iTunes program via the Apple Watch.

3- Control the presentations on the MacBook computer via the Apple Watch

Control presentations on MacBook via Apple Watch (ISTOCK)
Control presentations on MacBook via Apple Watch (ISTOCK)

Key notes from Apple competes with its Microsoft PowerPoint counterpart, but if you are a loyal user of Apple programs you will be able to control presentations on your MacBook computer from the Apple Watch, all you have to do are the following steps:

Open Keynote on your Mac and select Preferences Preferences

Enable the remote control feature Remotes and you may need to pair the device with your iPhone.

Now open Keynotes on iPhone and enable remote.

Finally, open Keynotes on your Apple Watch and you will find the controls.

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