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Monday March 30, 2020

10 ways to travel around the world without needing to carry your sofa! – travel, tourism, online and virtual tours

Norma and Dave had planned to celebrate the 53rd anniversary of their wedding on a 10day cruise around the Pacific Islands, but that trip was canceled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus covid19. However, their daughter did not let this matter go unnoticed, so she decided to photograph them sitting with sea robes, hats and sunglasses watching scenes from the ocean on TV, in an attempt to revive the journey, even in a different way!

You may have seen this short video of them that swept through social media as soon as it was published, and actually thought that you could travel around the world without having to get up from your bed or leave your sofa! And this is true! You don’t need to do exactly what the 74yearold did, there are many ways to accomplish this!

By the way, if you were wondering, the couple was watching a video on YouTube channel called “Ocean View, Cruise Ship Balcony ” , Which runs for just over an hour.

1- Walk around the museums

If you are the one who visits at least one museum in the destination that they travel to spend the tourist holiday, then this means that touring museums by default will make you feel that you have traveled, and that your trip is complete. There are many tools and techniques that allow you to do this without leaving your bed, such as Google Arts & Culture, which enables you to access highresolution images of artworks in the partner museums in this project.

There are also virtual tours online that you will find available to you once you access the museum’s website, such as free tours offered by the Louvre Museum online for some of the most important and most popular exhibits, such as Egyptian antiquities and Michelangelo works. You can look at the museum in 360 degrees, and click around the rare artifacts for additional information on its history.

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2- A dose of excitement in the Disney world

Inevitably, you will enjoy a lot of fun, excitement and excitement when you visit the Disney world, wherever it is found, personally, and you will experience all the activities and games it provides on the ground. From Florida to France through Hong Kong, there is so much to explore!

3- Watching a movie or series

Enjoy sitting on the sofa, forgetting everything outside your home, and let a movie or series take you on a long and enjoyable journey! Some of our top travel options that engage you in a world of adventure include: One Week showing the masterpieces of Canada, The Legend of Tarzan Africa where filming in the Republic of Gabon famous for its wonderful wildlife, and The Beach whose story revolves around a man who travels to Thailand and finds In possession of a strange map, rumors say it leads to a unique beach paradise … to tropical bliss. See Here More interesting films!

4- Passing the Great Wall of China

It is your perfect opportunity to discover the most important landmark in China and one of the greatest creations of architecture! Without any fatigue or effort, he traveled on a journey of history spanning two thousand years, crossing more than 3,000 miles and many Chinese provinces, all of which is freely available online!

5- Experience the most amazing adventures with wild animals

Perhaps the inescapable dream was to embrace you: to go on an African safari to see the largest and rarest of the animals perhaps! What about your children who love wildlife and wish that in these moments they could play with their favorite animal ?! It is not impossible! Let them watch pandas, penguins, and tigers through the live broadcast services that some zoos around the world have made available in the shadow of the Corona pandemic.

in a Marwell Zoo In Hampshire, there is a video camera aimed at flamingos, and other cameras that take photos of lemurs, giraffes, and penguins, with images updated approximately every 30 seconds. Edinburgh Zoo On a wide variety of webcams set up for virtual visitors to watch pandas, as well as penguins, tigers, and koalas. Dublin Zoo Cameras capture the movements of elephants, penguins, giraffes, zebras and rhinos.

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6- The splendor of the National Basin maze

If you haven’t yet been able to visit the Baltimore National Basin, or if you are someone who loves the world of seas, rainforests, and coral reefs, you only have access The online basin site Watch the live broadcast that takes place during business hours, while preworking video clips are available outside of work hours that take you on exciting trips to the aquarium sections and the wonderful animals it contains!

7- Relax in front of the sea

You will not get a dose of vitamin D as long as you are lying on your sofa indoors even if you watch the sea, but you will inevitably have a lot of relaxation. On the island of Hvar in Croatia, there is Live broadcast camera It automatically moves around the clock, seven days a week, showing the entrance to the port of Hvar and the adjacent Bucklin Islands. You can hear the sound of the sea and howling of a dog from time to time, while watching the movement of boats and ships in the enchanting blue sea. Most likely, you will feel sitting on the balcony of a luxury hotel in that place!

8- Follow a technical class

A number of universities offer free virtual art classes. You can study the history of Japan through pictures, discover ancient Egyptian art and antiquities, or delve into the psychology of art and creativity just to name a few.

9- Walking in the botanical gardens

You may want to take photos of you in front of the wonderful flowers in the botanical garden, but it’s okay, you have to delay this until your actual visit to the place. For now, focus on the magnificence of virtual tours online. The list of botanical gardens that provide these services is numerous, including: American Botanical Garden, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, And theGardens of Claude Monet in Giverny

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10- Explore Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is a huge country house located in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England near the village of Bladon, and is the residence of the Dukes of Marlboro. It was built as one of the largest houses in England, between 1705 and about 1724, and it was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1987

You can follow the live broadcast at the specified times, or do so 360 degree tour In some of the most amazing palace rooms. For a more immersive experience, watch tours with a virtual reality headset like Google Cardboard. Open the page on your smartphone, select the room you wish to see and click on the VR icon.

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