10 simple life hacks that you should know in 2020

1. Drilling into the ceiling? Attach the base of a plastic cup to the drill to prevent dust and debris from getting in your eyes.

cableguysmith / Via reddit.com

2. Dumping the contents of your cutting board into a bowl? Flip the board around for a genius way to prevent spills.

TUKANGCUKURrpw / Via reddit.com

3. Want to protect your valuables at the beach? Stick them inside a diaper — nobody’s stealing that.

spreading_my_love / Via reddit.com

4. Have a kid who won’t take their medicine? Use a juice box to fake them out.

goodlyearth / Via reddit.com

5. Frying something in hot oil? Cut the bottom off a two-liter soda bottle, and you’ve got the perfect sleeve to protect you from spatter and burns.

6. Don’t have the right size pan for the recipe? Use aluminum foil to transform any pan into the perfect size.

mario61752 / Via reddit.com

7. Need a simple and effective way to tell which plug belongs to which appliance? Bread clips are here to save the day.

PinTriedIt.com / Via reddit.com

8. Not enough room in your microwave? Heat two plates at once with the help of a glass.

TheTrollinator777 / Via reddit.com

9. Not enough room in your oven for two frozen pizzas? Cut them into quarters, and voila! Geometry!

KingPin300-1976 / Via reddit.com

10. Always forgetting your wallet at home? Stash a $20 bill inside your phone case so you’re never without cash in a pinch.

tangledswing / Via reddit.com


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