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Monday October 19, 2020

10 most beautiful tourist attractions in Iceland

Iceland, the country of fire and ice, enchants its visitors with tourist attractions that they may not find anywhereNot anywhere else in the world! Where can you find active volcanic sites near huge glaciers, and where can a harsh winter be combined with a sun shining in the middle of the night ?!

Get to know the 10 most beautiful tourist attractions in Iceland and prepare for a journey of exploration and fun in this exceptional country.

The Blue Lagoon is the most famous landmark in Iceland

Certainly, you have heard about the Blue Lagoon during any talk about Iceland, as it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country and is a natural thermal resort located in the Grindavik region. This artificial sea is fed by the hot sea water due to the nearby lava flow.

Many believe that the water in the Blue Lagoon has healing properties, especially for the skin, because it contains minerals that are beneficial to the human body.

Do not forget to book long in advance of visiting the Blue Lagoon, because the lake is full of visitors almost all the time.

Gullfoss Golden Falls

It is not possible to talk about the most beautiful tourist attractions in Iceland without stopping at “Golfos” or the golden waterfalls, which are the largest waterfalls in size in the European continent to be rightfully one of the greatest natural monuments.

There is no doubt that these waterfalls constitute one of the most important stages of the “Golden Circle” tour of Iceland’s landmarks. In fact, the “Golfos” consists of two waterfalls, the first is 11 meters long and the second is 21 meters, while the valleys on both sides of the waterfall reach 70 meters.Ra, as it goesAbout 140 cubic meters of water sits down the waterfall every second during the summer season. You can do many activities after visiting the waterfalls, such as discovering the great Langjökull glacier and wandering through its glacial tunnels.

Vatnajokull ice caves

Do not miss a rare opportunity during a visit to Iceland, which is to explore the ice caves dug by the meltwater rivers in the depths of the Vatnajökul Glacier … This scene is truly magical, as it forms the basis of tourism for visitors to the country.

Inside the caves, visitors are enchanted by an exceptional world where they find themselves surrounded by beautiful blue ice formations, while they notice that in other areas, black volcanic ash trapped in the ice causes a unique color mixture with the blue.

It remains to be noted that visiting these caves is possible only during the winter season, as there is a risk of their collapse during the remainder of the year, and you should enter them only with a trained tourist guide.

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Lake Jokulsarlon

After visiting the ice caves, there is another great opportunity near them which is the Gokulsarlon Glacier, which attracts attention. Sea water is formed from melting glaciers, which means that its volume is constantly increasing due to the natural factors that the world is currently witnessing.

In Iceland and even its most beautiful. And when we say that, we are not exaggerating, since you two explored oneIt is one of the deepest lakes

The lake may have seen them in one of the films you watched, and we mention, for example, Die Tomb Raider and Another Day.

The black sand beach of Reynisfjara

Everything in Iceland is different and unique! This is confirmed by this dazzling beach with marine black sand, huge basalt columns and crashing waves. It looks out of this world but is in fact located near Vic on the southern coast of Iceland.

The beach has stories that were formed about it over the years, as local legend says that basalt columns It was formed when fishermen tried to drag a ship ashore to meNo, but after they did not succeed, the sunlight in the morning turned them into stones.

Visitors should pay attention when visiting this beach, as the waves may be violent at many times and suddenly, so you must always stay at a safe distance during your visit.

Haukadalur Valley with its geysers

Iceland is famous for its many hot springs and natural geysers (geyser), which greatly attract visitors.

A range of heaters can be found in this magnificent valley, while Strokkur is the most popular of these heaters, which actively infuses water every 5 to 8 minutes, ensuring that you take great photographs.

Lake Myvatn

This lake, which is located in northern Iceland, is famous for the large number of birds that can be observed near it, especially large quantities of ducks, swans and others, and therefore it is ideal for nature lovers and birdwatching enthusiasts.

The lake was formed about 2,300 years ago as a result of a huge volcanic eruption, the effects of which are still present today around the lake.

The path of Laguavegr

If you want to get to know the Icelandic nature closely, the Laugavegur trail must be discovered, but it is intended for those with good physical ability as it extends over about 80 kilometers and is the longest path in the country.

If you take this unique adventure, you will undoubtedly notice a group of wonderful natural factors in the country, including hot springs, natural geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, and more …

The trip lasts for about 5 days, so it needs special preparations beforehand.


In a country full of wonderful waterfalls, what distinguishes Skogavoss Falls is its magnitude, along with its picturesque natural surroundings in southern Iceland.

This site constitutes a dream for photography lovers, especially on sunny days, when one or more rainbows can be seen in front of the waterfalls in a magical sight. You can climb some stairs to reach the watchtower, which overlooks the waterfalls and the surrounding area.

The city of Reykjavik

The city of Reykjavik has a global geographical title as it is the northernmost capital in the world. It is a natural tourist destination during a visit to the country.

One of the most prominent activities that can be practiced in the capital, which was founded by the Scandinavian Viking, is to visit the Saga Historical Museum or learn about the country’s history with volcanoes, in the “Volcano House” which explains many details and information about the volcanoes in the country with a unique interactive experience.

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