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Thursday October 1, 2020

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know

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Google search and Google search secrets. There are many secrets and ways to help you get perfect search results close to your special requests and desires. Searching on Google is very easy, but you must learn some add-ons that will help you improve the search process and get more results for your requests in the first place. In this article we collect a set of tips for you. A set of tricks and plugins that improve your search on the Internet.

Correct misspellings with Google search

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know 1

One of the good secrets that I have relied heavily on is correcting misspellings by Google. For example, try writing Dictionary. If you wrote it by mistake, whether with a missing letter or letters that are not arranged correctly, the search engine will correct it for you and show the message “Do you mean -?” To correct your search. I use this trick when I try to write words that I do not know how to write correctly, so I correct them through research. Nice and very good trick

Use the + and – signs to get accurate results

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know 2

Accuracy in obtaining search results depends on the + and – signs because it means that the search process is more specific to a specific point. Let’s say you want to search for our explanations of Windows. Type “ + Windows” and you will find that all that is displayed is our articles and videos about Windows only. Mark – excludes any results you don’t want. Unfortunately, the exception is not precise for the Arabic language yet, but rather for the English language. Let’s say you will be looking for some type of diet. But you don’t want it to show you a result of “nutrition”, which is a type of diet. On Google, you will write “Diet – nutrition”, and the types of diets other than the one you have excluded will appear.

Use a filetype on Google search

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know 3

Do you want the search to output only a specific file type for you? Let’s say you only want PNG files. You want images for Galaxy Note 20, but only PNG. In Google search, you will write the name of the device – the file you are looking for, which is like Galaxy Note 20 – and after it or before it you write filetype: png. Galaxy note 20 filetype: png. And all the search results will be PNG images for the phone. No other file type will be shown to you, thus you can control the files that appear to you from Google search more. Just type in the file format and Google will make it easy for you

Use of quotation marks

Google search relies on searching for your separate search words. Means that I wrote, know me dot com. The site will search for the word “know me alone” and “dot alone” and “com alone”. Then it searches for “know me dot” alone and so on until it gives you the most possible search results from this sentence that you wrote. If you use quotation marks and type “know me dot com”, Google will search in bulk for some of them, and the search results will vary. Experience the difference between a Lenovo laptop and a “Lenovo laptop”, and you will find a big difference in the charging results. This feature will be useful to you if you want to search for a specific sentence from our site, so you put it inside quotation marks for Google to search for

Searching within a specific site

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know 4

In Google Search, you can search within the sites through Google by means of the site: command, write the name of the site, and then search for an item within the site. Let’s say you want to search for the Galaxy Note 10 lite review on our website. Type the command site: galaxy note 10 lite on our site you will see all results for this sentence. And you will be able to search within our site from within Google search easily. This method will greatly facilitate your search among articles from any site and anywhere. Especially if you are looking for a specific article on a specific site, this tool or this trick will save you all the fatigue.

YouTube search through Google search

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know 5

I use it often. And this is not limited to YouTube only, but any site that carries its own internal search engine that can support this movement and that you search inside the site through the site’s search engine itself. Let’s take YouTube as an example. Just type in the address bar. You will find the message “press tab to search youtube videos” appeared, and the address bar will turn into a search bar on YouTube, and whatever you type in the search bar, it will search on YouTube for it. And all search results will find YouTube videos related to what you searched

Access to sites similar to a specific site

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know 6

Do you want a site similar to a specific site? For example, do you want another site similar to our site? This is possible on Google Search with the related: command. Then you go to Google and write related: and Google will search for all sites that are similar to our site. Another example if you want to search for sites similar to Udemy. You will type the search command related:, and Google will show you all sites similar to the popular Udemy site.

Access to articles with their titles a specific word

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know 7

Google Search also provides an intitle tool to search for a specific word found in the website address. Let’s say you want to search for an article with the word “Windows 10” in its title. Go to Google and type on the search intitle: Windows 10. You will see many articles with the word “Windows 10” in the title. Try this also with another sentence, you will find many articles with Windows 10 in the title

Converting between units

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know 8

Do you know how to transfer prices and calculate the price of the dollar in relation to the Egyptian pound and other things? We go to Google search and write the amount we want to transfer, say 250 dollars, and write that we want to convert it into Egyptian pounds. We write 250 usd to egp on Google, and it will show us the value of 250 dollars in Egyptian pounds. Try doing the same thing as taller as 250cm to a meter, and Google shows you how many meters by 250 centimeters and so on.

Sites that point to your location

10 Google Search Secrets You Should Know 9

It is more useful for website owners to get to know the sites that mention your site then and to remember the link of your site then and Google search provides the link tool: it searches in all sites for the presence of your site link. If you go to Google to search for sites that carry our link inside, you will write link: and you will find many sites that carry our website link inside their articles in any form. Generally good addition to be able to use.

Google search secrets

The Google It carries many secrets, and these were the most prominent secrets that exist in Google, which will greatly benefit you in using the search and to reach satisfactory search results for you and that meet your desire to search and your information that you want in general. So all of these secrets aren’t bad at all. It will help you tremendously

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