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Wednesday January 1, 2020

10 Best Websites To Find Private Tutors Online To Learn English In 2020

مدرس خاص لتعليم اللغة الانجليزية ... قائمة مواقع لتجد مدرسين لتعليم اللغة الانجليزية

Did you learn English at your school but not fluent in speaking and writing it? Have you tried too much to learn English online but lose hope fast? Do you always feel that you need someone who encourages you, practices language skills with you, and directs you to the correct ways of learning a language?

In fact, technology and the internet have provided all of that recently after the emergence of many sites and applications that provide you with the choice of a private teacher that helps you overcome any of your educational difficulties in learning the language, a paid service that can be done electronically or through direct communication after agreement with the teacher There is no doubt that one of the advantages of these sites is that you learn with a teacher who knows your strengths and weaknesses and assesses your level, then accordingly works with you to evaluate what you are missing through your curriculum, and the other feature is that you will deal with a foreign teacher who speaks to you English all the time and hear from him The correct pronunciation of a language is AD Often lacking in most of our schools that we have learned the English language.

And if you want to get the most out of your tutor, you should diversify your sources of language learning, and not just limit your tutorial times to him, because in the end you will only communicate with him two or three times a week. So, you have to practice the language more broadly at other times, at which point your tutor will become better and more influential in the language learning process.

There are many reasons and cases where the private teacher can be used, including:

  • If you need some help in completing the duties or assignments required of you at school or university.
  • If you have some difficulties related to certain language skills.
  • If you want to improve your English pronunciation.
  • If you have some questions about grammar or any other language-related aspect.
  • If you want to practice speaking with someone whose first language is English.
  • If you are related to language learning during a certain period of time, whether to pass a language test, introduce you to a foreign university, or travel to one of the countries where you will mainly need the language.

How do you choose the right teacher for you?

There are thousands of people who offer their experiences and abilities through many sites as private teachers of language teaching, or even any other materials and help you pass the goals you want to reach, their experiences, nationalities and the cost of the lessons they offer differ, so you must first determine what the reasons that prompted you to search for a teacher Does someone teach you the language? What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve from this experience? When you know what answers these questions, you will be able to choose your teacher.

Then while searching for your own tutor, you can review these points:

  • The dialect and method of speaking the teacher. The dialects and pronunciation of the English language differ depending on the country in which it is spoken, so if you want to learn English in the American dialect, you must choose a teacher who speaks the American dialect, but if you want to learn English in the British or Australian dialect, you must also choose teachers They speak these dialects.
  • The cost of the lessons that they provide, the differences widen greatly among all teachers from the cheapest to the most expensive in these locations, so you have to determine the budget that you have allocated, and inevitably this will be an important criterion that will help you in choosing.
  • The type or gender of the teacher you will choose. Some people may not be interested in this point, or they may not represent a criterion for them to make decisions, but there are others who feel comfortable in communicating with a specific gender, whether a man or a woman.
  • Site user reviews: Most sites provide an evaluation system for the teacher so that the user can evaluate the person before attending lessons with him, as well as read previous student comments about the teacher’s superiority, and his ability to provide useful information.
  • The experience that the teacher possesses: At this point you can check the number of years of experience a person has in teaching and the certificates obtained, there are some people on these sites who take teaching as additional work and not their primary work, and in return there are some users who prefer not to communicate with any teacher except if He had more experience teaching.
  • The offers that each teacher offers in the first classes: There are some teachers who offer users to try the first session with him without costs, so you will have the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the lessons and the extent to which you benefit from them, and thus help you make the decision to continue with this teacher or not.
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1- English Tutors Live

One of the advantages offered by this site is that it provides the possibility of obtaining the first session for free, so you can evaluate the extent of your benefit and the ability of the private teacher to communicate effectively with you, and the shares in it are divided into three types: the first type, which is the lowest cost, covers training in conversations, correcting errors immediately, and exposure to some Articles, audio recordings and other materials that include general topics, while the second type may be more relevant to training in grammar and correct pronunciation of words and the development of a plan related to passing a specific test or study project, and finally the third type that people prefer _Khasson who want to improve their English language in a specific field such as: economics, entrepreneurship, law.

Cost of lessons: $ 10-15 if the total number of lessons is about 10, or if you want to get separate lessons or less than that, the cost varies according to the teacher’s discretion.

2- Preply

This site is characterized by offering a clear evaluation for each teacher that helps you make the most appropriate decision for you, as well as some options that help you customize the specific specifications that you want in your private teacher, for example: If you are looking for a teacher who helps you to pass the TOEFL test, choose in the search list In the field of specializations (TOEFL), all the teachers who wrote that they have experience in teaching materials for preparing for the TOEFL test, you can also read the comments of students to comment on any teacher they studied with, you can send your questions in the beginning to any teacher, and he will contact you to answer All I ask Interrogative tack.

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Lesson cost: The differences vary between them, costing from 1 & to $ 100, but teachers with the best ratings

The hourly cost of them ranges from $ 10 to $ 20

3- Verbling

What strikes you on this site, its design for a special program that is used through the site, the teacher and the student communicate through him without using any other programs or applications, and it is characterized by many features, including that the teacher and the student can share many images, articles and assignments while speaking during the lesson, Also on the program board you can memorize assignments, vocabulary, or any points that you have recorded or your teacher has recorded and thus the educational process remains more organized, as are the teachers on this site native speakers who are teaching their mother tongue, and most of them profess the teaching profession with experience in teaching Foreigners through private lessons.

Lesson cost: $ 6 to $ 60 an hour, but most of the most popular teachers on the site range from $ 7 to $ 25

4- WyzAnt

If you are looking for a private tutor’s help to prepare for a test, this site may be the perfect choice, because it includes thousands of specialized teachers who have experience in the field of teaching, you can find a teacher specializing in the grammar of the English language, or a teacher specializing in writing various topics, Aside from the English language, the site also provides teachers in various subjects such as algebra, chemistry, biology, accounting and finance for all different ages, as well as the student can take the lesson through direct communication with his teacher, but this feature does not apply to all countries.

Lesson cost: The cost of their lessons ranges from $ 10 to $ 200

5- Tutor

This site is intended for students of different ages, from elementary students to university students, the sites include many teachers in different subjects, but especially if we talk about the English language, this site will be a suitable choice if you want some help while writing a topic, personal letter or speech Directed to join the university, and of course, if you want help during the completion of a research or study that you want to deliver, and what also distinguishes this site is that teachers are available throughout the day at any time ready to provide appropriate advice and comments to help you finish what you want to complete in the best way.

Lesson cost: $ 39.99 an hour during one month, $ 79.99 for two hours in one month, $ 114.99 for three hours in one month, and there is a 30-minute trial share in the Badia for $ 9.99

5- Chegg Tutor

Also this site is similar to the previous one, it is intended for students of all ages who are looking for help in various subjects, teachers are present at any hour of the day, but if you are looking for a teacher who is teaching you over a long period of time this may not be The site is the best choice, as students are more inclined to use the site if they want to ask for help in specific passing questions, or if they search for answers they want to get quickly.

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Lesson cost: $ 15 for 30 minutes during a month, and there are other price plans that the site provides.

6- Noodle

This site is not only a standalone site, but it is also a search engine for private teachers, through which you can search on any other teacher from another site, you can search through the place or other features such as: the teacher’s knowledge of a language other than English, and what distinguishes this site most is that it includes a number Teachers who are good at dealing with people with learning difficulties such as autism, Asperger syndrome, and behavioral difficulties.

The cost of the lesson: Depends on the teacher, but there is a large area between the prices range from $ 1 to $ 500 an hour

7- University Tutor

Sometimes some people prefer direct communication with individuals and consider it more effective and serious than online communication, so if you are one of these people, you can rely on this site, through which you can reach teachers who are in your same area, the site covers about 8,400 cities in the whole world, You can also initially contact any teacher on the site and inquire about anything for free.

The cost of the lesson: Depends on the teacher

8- Take Lessons

Imagine that you want to learn any skill. For example, you want to join classes for learning to play guitar, but as usual, you postpone it. On this site, you can learn anything faster through the Internet. There are many teachers who specialize in different subjects you can choose from.

The cost of the lesson: Depends on the teacher, but the cost may be somewhat higher on this site, ranging from $ 20 to $ 40 within thirty minutes.

9- italki

This website connects anyone who wants to learn any language and the native speakers of these languages. The site includes a number of specialized teachers who have experience in the field of language teaching for foreigners, as well as non-professional people and these can be sought if you want training to improve the skill of speaking in daily conversations, And what distinguishes them is that the cost of their lessons is less than the specialized teachers.

The cost of the lesson: The cost on this site is not high and affordable, ranging from $ 10 to $ 20 for specialized teachers, and may be less for non-professionals, and there are some teachers who offer their first classes for free.

10- English Tutor Online

This site offers specialized courses in the English language through a special teacher for each student, the content is presented in a more systematic way, you can choose from among the courses: general English conversation ،business or travel English ،presentations ،email writing ،exam scores

Lesson cost: $ 28.99 per lesson, and the cost can be reduced if more than one share is paid.

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